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"Zorg op maat door Marion"
Marion Arends

Verzorgende niveau 2
Dalmatie 58
3831 EH Leusden
Phone  00 31 6 14 370 477

Marion Arends - Zorg op maat door Marion - Helpende handen

Marion Arends - Zorg op maat door Marion - Thuiszorg is “maatwerk”; zorg afgestemd op uw persoonlijke omstandigheden.
Zorg op maat     
Marion Arends - Zorg op maat door Marion - Helpende handen
* Persoonlijke zorg
* Dag/Nacht/Waak zorg
* Weekend zorg
* Terminale org
* Ondersteunende begeleiding
* Gezelschapsdame
* Betaalbare Particuliere zorg
* Persoonsgebonden budget
* Administratie werkzaamheden

Ode aan Aude

Uitgebreide informatie over de omgeving van de Aude, Zuid-Frankrijk.

Ode aan Aude
L'Abreuvoir - Waterplaats voor dieren!


L'Abreuvoir - Waterplaats voor dieren!

6 Persoons vakantiehuis met
privézwembad, Bouilhonnac (Aude)!

Le Coquelicot - De Klaproos


Le Coquelicot - De Klaproos

6 á 7 Persoons vakantiehuis met privézwembad, Lacombe (Aude)!

Wellicht uw toekomstige vakantie bestemming!?

  Harry Meijer  
Harry Meijer
Dorpsstraat 65a
1452 PH Ilpendam
Mobile: +31 6 53830586


Voor en na...

  Esprit Pyrénées, ons team van Outdoor Activity gidsen, is gespecialiseerd in wandeltochten gaande van een halve dag tot een hele week.

In familieverband of een uiterst avontuurlijk uitstapje, iedereen zal ervan genieten.

We organiseren eveneens challenges, schattentochten en alle wildwater activiteiten (rafting, canyoning, hydrospeeding) voor uw groep of teambuilding voor uw bedrijf...
Esprit-Pyrénées - Belvianes-et-Cavirac

Esprit-Pyrénées - Belvianes-et-Cavirac


Patrick Courtin
5 Chemin des Horts
11500 Belvianes-et-Cavirac



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Le Massif
de la Clape

Le Massif de la Clape - Narbonne (Plage)

The Massif de la Clape – ‘stone’ in local dialect - was, until recent geological time, an actual island. This insularity, still apparent in the landscape, has given rise to a particularly rich and original variety of plant and animal life. Today, the La Clappe Heights remain one of those unusual, spellbound places where modem man can still feel, with ahnost every step he takes, the imprint of his long-gone ancestors. The Oeil Doux is a natural waterhole surrounded by cliffs with an abrupt eastern face overhanging the surface 130 feet below (40m). The cliff is made of hard fissured limestone whose crevices are full of red clay; it was formed during the middle geological era. The north side, less steep, is made of marly limestone from an older geological age and is particularly rich in fossile deposits, notably Orbolitines (Mesorbitolna texana), Brachypodes, Lamellibranches and sea urchins (dating from the Clansayesian period). The presence of this hole at this site can be explained by the fragility of the wider area which displays many faults; two of them major. The water in the hole is salty : the salinity, as well as the level, varies with the rainfall and the movements of the Mediterranean just a mile (1,500m) away. The whole zone is part of a submerged karstic formation....

de Quéribus

Château de Quéribus - Cucugnan

The Cathar castle Queribus in the south of France (located in the heart of the Corbieres) still stands today as an impressive memorial to the Albigensian crusade of the thirteenth-century. It was only in 1255 that this mountain top fortress fell to French Catholic knights. Queribus held out an additional eleven years beyond the more widely known Cathar castle at Montsegur, which gave Queribus the distinction of being the last of the Cathar castles. As a result, in many ways the capture of Queribus represents the end of the organized Cathar movement and is sometimes referred to as "the last bastion." Geographically, the castle is high and isolated.The exhausting hike up the mountain, a few hundred steep meters, that is necessary to reach the castle is rewarded by the stunniing military architecture of Queribus. The gothic style hall and its polygonal keep are especially worth seeing...

Musée de l'Abbé Saunière -

Musée de l'Abbé Saunière - Rennes-le-Château

Experience an amazing place to visit ... Rennes-le-Château offers a variety of sites to visit, where traces of François Bérenger Saunière, also known as the Abbé Saunière, can still be found: the Church of Saint Mary Magdalen (10th century), its gardens, the presbytery of the Abbé Saunière (where he lived from 1885 to 1917) which has been converted into a cultural and historical area, the Abbé Saunière's Estate, the Magdala tower, the Béthanie Villa and the orangery....

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