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Sentier Les Capitelles de Laure-Minervois

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Sentier Les Capitelles de Laure-Minervois

Sentier Les Capitelles de Laure-Minervois

Sentier Les Capitelles de Laure-Minervois

Sentier Les Capitelles de Laure-Minervois

Sentier Les Capitelles de Laure-Minervois
Sentier Les Capitelles de Laure-Minervois

Capitelles simple dry stone shelters, are evidence of the history and work of the rural world.

Fortified village, the village of Laure was surrounded by ramparts and a moat. Two towers attest to the ancient fortified wall (Tour Bousquet - nine Portal Tour).

The Gothic
Church of St. John the Baptist, was rebuilt several times. Some remains: the Church of Buadelle and Romanesque bell tower of Saint Jacques d'Albas.

Mézolieux round: this monument of Gallo-Roman origin is surrounded by vineyards on the old Roman road (Che-min Romieux). Grave of Saint Eugene: this dolmen located in the wood Russol is a vast burial ground dating from the mid Neolithic.

"Heritage Lauranais' association has created and maintains the trail randon- born" the Capitelles ".
From the Mairie go left and take Avenue des Oliviers, "climb" to the scrubland where the first left panel shows the path that leads to a small capitelle above which, more
with shelter relies on boundary wall. Through a grove of oaks, giant broom, turn left onto the cart path, then turn right to reach a former elevated garden with a capitelle restored near a small chasm. Climb a dozen stone steps and return to the garrigue. Turn right and follow the wall to the north. At height of the water tower, take the old wagon road? Carry on the communal Chemin de Guinette. Enter a pine wood to Pech Majou Sud. Going up, beautiful view of the Roman bell tower of Saint Jacques d'Albas and Château Villarlong (pre-Romanesque chapel - Visigoths remains). Crossing a remarkable cypress wood (time 20 m to the right and left of a deep ravine). Over a small stream, climb thirty steep steps and arrive on a median. Continue north, follow the wall of vertical stones? (Capitelle) bordering a large enclosure (cistus mat).

In the East, beautiful view over the village, the Crapam, Alaric. Down to Pech Majou North (small capitelle resources taurée with a door to the north). Reach a large square capitelle? (vault dome, splayed openings in the north and east), by a flight of 12 steps. On the sides, was built a sloping wall, whose stones overlapping scale-like. Take the "Carretal" (cart path) to the west (straight beautiful alley of 100 m, surrounded by low walls grocery shops). Turn right along the wall, panorama of Figueres. Down towards Figueres, a large wooden cross pin to Metairie Neuve? . Follow the path of Fontanilles, down to the stream as you cross. Through a beautiful wood of Aleppo pines, junipers juniper, to reach Rancoule (see capitelle a square, in a vineyard, near a path cashed). Follow the path along the vineyards. Massive square capitelle left. Getting to the "enclosure" of Canet Bridge (vertical or oblique stone wall). Capitelle square against the wall. Getting to the Cross of St Peter above the lake, and reach the village.


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Sentier Les Capitelles de Laure-Minervois

Sentier Les Capitelles de Laure-Minervois

Sentier Les Capitelles de Laure-Minervois

Sentier Les Capitelles de Laure-Minervois

Sentier Les Capitelles de Laure-Minervois

Sentier Les Capitelles de Laure-Minervois
- Distance
- 8,5 km
- Mini Altitude
- 80 meter
- Departure
- Laure-Minervois,
- Type
- Loop
a - Max Altitude
- 138 meter
- Vertical drop
- 209 meter
- Duration
- 3 Hours
- Markup
- Yes
- IGN reference
- 2445O/2345E
- Difficulty
- Easy
- Coordinates
- 43.27849,
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Opening Sentier Les Capitelles de Laure-Minervois:

- 01 january to 31 december 
Le Pays Cathare LES CITADELLES DU VERTIGE Qualité Tourisme Occitanie La Région Occitanie/Pyrénées-Méditerranée Grands Sites Occitanie
Blason de Villeneuve-Minervois AOC-AOP Minervois Aude Tourisme Blason de Laure Minervois La Région Languedoc-Roussillon - Sud de France est le premier site communautaire sur la randonnée pédestre, le trekking et les sports outdoor FFRandonnée Occitanie Randonnée Pédestre VisuGPX France-Randos propose des itinéraires de randonnées pédestres Comité Départemental de la Randonnée Pédestre de l'Aude

Maison de la Truffe - Villeneuve-Minervois

Maison de la Truffe - Villeneuve-Minervois

Moulin de Pech Rouzaud ou de Benazeth

Moulin de Pech Rouzaud ou de Benazeth

Palet de Roland dolmen at Villeneuve Minervois

Palet de Roland dolmen at Villeneuve Minervois

Château Fabas
Château Fabas - Laure Minervois
A.O.P. MinervoisTo the North-East of Carcassonne, in the central zone of Minervois, soil “Balcons de l'Aude”, this medieval strengthened farm is a winegrowing of only one holding of 158 ha with 58 ha of vines including 45 planted in Minervois. It is on this winegrowing with the multiple Mediterranean scents that Roland Augustin, helped of his two sons Yann and Loïc, mature with a care meticulous person of the intense, complex and expressive wines. For better understanding the specificity of each vintage of Château Fabas, it is necessary to know of it the origins, type of vines and the type of maturing. The Winegrowing is pressed on a decoration of hillocks exposed to full midday, witness of the old relief to the very strong slopes where no culture is possible, only the pines of Alep and the Mediterranean vegetation is clutched on the red grounds of the hills. The vines are spread out over two levels over a reversed relief, the high terraces with the oldest grounds and the low terraces with the youngest grounds. The grounds are argilo-limestones, in the tops, the flint levels on the terraces, and the sandstone on the slopes...

Saint Jacques d’Albas
Château Saint Jacques d’Albas - Laure-Minervois
A.O.P. MinervoisGraham Nutter welcome you to Château Saint Jacques d’Albas, an emerging quality domain in the Minervois, Languedoc, Southern France. Surrounded by history from Roman times, the 13th Century Cathar religious movement and Saint Jacques de Compostelle pilgrimages, the domain has been producing award-winning Minervois AOC wines since 2001. We became owners of the property in early 2001 and immediately began a programme to re-invigorate the soil, reduce yields and vinify on-site. Since then, we have completed the restauration of the property with construction of a winery, an underground cellar, opened a public tasting area, as well as a music/seminar room for entertainment and wine-tourism. Share with us some of the history, metamorphosis and vinous potential that the Minervois and Saint Jacques d’Albas in particular has to offer!

  Sentier Les Capitelles de Laure-Minervois
Leisure - Sports - Mountain walks - Snow-shoe walks - Hiking - Walking

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Caunes-Minervois is an ancient village centered around an 8th-century abbey, sitting beside the Argent Double river where it comes down out of a Black Mountain valley and onto the plains. For visiting, Caunes-Minervois has some pretty bridges, a Medieval old-town with narrow streets and ancient houses, fountains, lavoirs and, of course, the 8th-century Benedictine Abbey. A possibly more important attraction for visitors are the several very good restaurants in the village. There's a beautiful red marble in this area, that was quarried here by the Romans and through Medieval times. The marble can be seen around the town, in building materials and sculptures scattered just about everywhere [horse-head photo]. For cafés in town, we liked the Grand Fountain Bar and Xxxx Hotel, with its shady terrace around the obelisk fountain, in the center of the village. Just down the Rue d'Aiguebelle from the café is the Jean Christophe Aterous wine shop, located in a cool, dark Medieval room where you can do wine tasting hosted by the elderly and very active nth-generation representative of the winery...

Le Comptoir

Le Comptoir - Villegly

Winemaker and restaurateur Julien welcomes you to his restaurant "le Comptoir". In a wine cellar atmosphere you will discover our à la carte dishes ranging and tapas, as well as a rich and varied wine list. The atmosphere is warm, aimed at customers looking for simplicity. All our dishes are "homemade". Your tasting will be enhanced with a choice of tapas, couteaux, cœurs de canard, planche de charcuterie ... As you walk up to the table, you will see the embers turn red for tasty and hearty grilled dishes, accompanied by homemade chips and green salad. Beef, duck, pork stew, there is something for everyone and cassoulet lovers will appreciate that on the house. It is impossible to hesitate in the choice of a wine as the master of the place will ensure that you are advised what will be best with your choices...

de la Clamoux

Auberge de la Clamoux - Villeneuve-Minervois

Auberge de Clamoux, a small inn that serves a fine three-course weekday menu at 13€. Go ahead and try the salad with gesiers (duck gizzards, a regional favorite) or sample the offering of charcouterie (hams, sausages, etc). The main course is generally meat, duck or salmon, and the desserts are impressive. One lunch time here, the main dining room had been converted to a huge table seating several dozen French men and women in their 70s and 80s, plowing through huge platters of food and liters and liters of wine. Every meal in France is a celebration. Count on at least an hour and a half...

La Commanderie

Campsite La Commanderie - Rustiques

Campsite La Commanderie campsite is located just 10 minutes from the medieval citadel of Carcassonne and is a great place to enjoy some peace and quiet in the shade of pine trees or by the pool. Tennis facilities are close by. Campsite La Commanderie has a large pool in the middle of tall pines, panoramic views across the plain of Carcassonne, playground for children, petanque, volleyball...

Acquatic Centre
Les Bains de Minerve

This place is for all generations and permits the learning and practising of swimming learning. It offers an alternative for the tourists in the region. An ideal space for aquatic recreation and social moments. You will appreciate its modern facilities which are very respectful of the implantation place, exceptional with an ecological approach. A professional team is at your disposal to welcome and advise you all year long in a friendly atmosphere. Come to discover and enjoy our water activities; Aquadouche, Aquatonic, Aquabike, Swimming lessons, Gym, Aquatraining, Aquaphobie, Aquatic Osteopathie, Baby swimming, School swimming, Aquamaternite, Relaxation area, Sauna - Hamman - Massages - Shiatsu - Flower Therapy Swimming shorts are forbidden!!

La Demeure
du Pareur

La Demeure du Pareur - Villeneuve Minervois

Welcome to « la Demeure du Pareur », a substantial 18th century house which was completely renovated during 2008. Great care has been taken to preserve the original character of the house and we hope that our visitors will enjoy the calm and cool rooms with their classic décor... La Demeure du Pareur offers so much more than just overnight accommodation. Guests are welcome to explore the garden and solarium. The terrace is used for breakfast when appropriate and for quiet evenings there is a well stocked library and board games. In addition there is free WIFI and toys for the children... Villeneuve Minervois is in the heart of Languedoc with it’s long history and tradition of wine making. We hope that like us, you will be charmed by the area and return to it time and again...

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