Randonnée Le Château de Peyrepertuse - Rouffiac des Corbières

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Le Château de Peyrepertuse

Randonnée Le Château de Peyrepertuse - Rouffiac des Corbières

Randonnée Le Château de Peyrepertuse - Rouffiac des Corbières

Randonnée Le Château de Peyrepertuse - Rouffiac des Corbières

Randonnée Le Château de Peyrepertuse - Rouffiac des Corbières

Randonnée Le Château de Peyrepertuse - Rouffiac des Corbières
Randonnée Le Château de Peyrepertuse - Rouffiac des Corbières

Peyrepertuse is a ruined fortress and one of the Cathar castles of the Languedoc located in the French Pyrénées in the commune of Duilhac-sous-Peyrepertuse, in the Aude département. It was associated with the Counts of Barcelona, later kings of Aragon.

The name Peyrepetuse is derived from Pèirapertusa, Occitan, meaning Pierced Rock. The lower part of the castle was built on a strategic location by the kings of Aragon in the 11th Century and the higher part by the French King Louis IX later on, after the area was annexed to France. The two castles are linked together by a staircase. The castle lost importance as a strategic castle when the border between France and Spain was moved in 1659, causing the castle to be abandoned.

The castle ruins are impressive, set high on a defensive crag. From the approach road it is difficult to see where the rock stops and the castle starts. The castle was built in the 11th century on a site dominating the Corbières and the sea.

The main part, resembles the prow of a ship, running along the top of an 800m (2,600 ft) high crag. It houses the church of Sainte-Marie and the governor's residence...
  Château de Peyrepertuse (in Castèl Occitan Pèira Pertusa) is a Cathar castle, built before the eleventh century. It is the center of micro-countries of the former manor of Peyrepertusès (Occitan Pèirapertusés) which means Pierced Rock. Its ruins accommodate today nearly 100 000 visitors per year. They dominate the 800 m vineyards of the region and the village of Duilhac (vineyard of Corbières).
Randonnée Le Château de Peyrepertuse - Rouffiac des Corbières
It is reached by a road that stops just below the cliff at a car park, visitors can then use a path (about fifteen minutes) to go around the castle by the east and go through the main north side entrance. Although the castle is in ruins, most of the walls are still standing, some parts are still well preserved (particularly the walled chapel in Lower Castle), and the view from up there in good time is well worth the trouble of ascend. 

For the brave and/or hikers there is a lovely circular trail (14.6 km, 5hrs) from the village of Rouffiac des Corbières. This is a variant of Le Sentier Cathare. The route takes you past breathtaking views, the beautiful river Verdouble, you come through Duilhac-sous-Peyrepertuse to reach Château de Peyrepertuse, then return to Rouffiac des Corbières.


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Randonnée Le Château de Peyrepertuse - Rouffiac des Corbières

Randonnée Le Château de Peyrepertuse - Rouffiac des Corbières

Randonnée Le Château de Peyrepertuse - Rouffiac des Corbières

Randonnée Le Château de Peyrepertuse - Rouffiac des Corbières
- Distance
- 14,6 km
- Mini Altitude
- 250 meter
- Departure
- Rue de la Coopérative,
  Rouffiac des Corbières
- Type
- Loop
a - Max Altitude
- 700 meter
- Vertical drop
- 506 meter
- Duration
- 5 Hours
- Markup
- Yes
- IGN reference
- 2447OT
- Difficulty
- Average
- Coordinates
- 42.87409,
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Opening Randonnée Le Château de Peyrepertuse - Rouffiac des Corbières:

- 01 january to 31 december    
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  Randonnée Le Château de Peyrepertuse
Leisure - Sports - Mountain walks - Snow-shoe walks - Hiking - Walking
Rue de la Coopérative 
11326 Rouffiac des Corbières

Phone +33
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Email -
commune.rouffiac. corbieres@wanadoo.fr

Website -

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