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Plage de la Franqui, Plage des Coussoules - Leucate

Plage de la Franqui,
Plage des Coussoules

Plage de la Franqui, Plage des Coussoules - Leucate

Plage de la Franqui, Plage des Coussoules - Leucate

Plage de la Franqui, Plage des Coussoules - Leucate

Plage de la Franqui, Plage des Coussoules - Leucate

Plage de la Franqui, Plage des Coussoules - Leucate
Plage de la Franqui, Plage des Coussoules - Leucate

La Franqui and its beach of Les Coussoules with 5 miles of fine sand has a claim to be the oldest seaside resort on the Languedoc coast. In the past it was a port of call for Phoenician and Roman galleys, today la Franqui is a Kingdom of kiteboarding, windsurfing and landsailing.

Every genuine beach or seaside resort has been granted an exceptional location by the gods. La Franqui is no exception. The oldest seaside resort on the Langudoc coast nestles in a pine forest that backs onto the rocky plateau of Cap Leucate, at the foot of the only cliffs that exist between Marseille and Port-Bou.

Fronting the resort is Coussoules beach with its 5 miles of fine sand that stretch lazily from la Grande Bleue to l’Etang de la Palme. As a backdrop, there is la Clappe massif, Mount Saint-Clair and Canigou peak.

The array of colours is striking: the cerulean blue of the sea, the murky green of l’étang (lake), the golden yellow sand, the dazzling white of the cliffs and the green of the scrubland. Who could ask for more? The area was frequented formerly by Paul Gauguin, then by Charles Trenet and today by Jérôme Savary. This tiny resort which is a locality in the district of Leucate has managed to escape the ravages of concrete and modernity.
  La Franqui – Nineteenth century charm

Even though the shores have been visited by Phoenician and Roman galleys since antiquity, the resort itself was born at the start of the 20th century. A man namedÉmi He also built the first two of the resort’s villas - Villas Amélie and les Goélettes which are still there today. His hotel restaurant l’Excelsior rapidly became a Mecca for society life, visited by illustrious guests such as the painter Gauguin. As the brother in law of the property developer and the son of the painter Géo de Monfreid (who has a few impressionist paintings on display at the Musée d’Orsay), the writer and adventurer Henry de Monfreid also did a great deal for the site’s reputation. This highly colourful character appears in his actual identity in the Tintin book The Pharaoh’s Cigars. By some miracle la Franqui has been able to preserve its nineteenth century feel, its hundred-year old pine trees, its old villas and grand hotels which have today been transformed into furnished apartments for tourists. All of this gives the place an irresistible old-fashioned charm.

La Franqui’s windy reputation made a decisive leap in 1996 when the Mondial du Vent began. This event which takes place every year at Easter has, with the passing of time, made a major impact as an international boardsport competition for kitesurfing and windsurfing. The supreme confirmation came in 2007 when Leucate became the only French round in the Kiteboarding and Freestyle World Tour (PKRA.) This distinction means that for a few days it hosts the cream of the world’s boarding community and the biggest sponsors. The atmosphere almost becomes hysteric during the spectacular speed crossing in which twelve of the world’s best kiteboarders come up against twelve of the world’s best windsurfers for long distance speed trials. It is a spectacle that is worth every bit of the journey! Finally Coussoules beach is the only site on the Mediterranean where Land Sailing is practiced. It was on the wonderful sands of this beach that on 6th June 2000 Tadeg Normand attained the world record speed of 94.3 mph which to this day has never been beaten. On that day La Franqui became the fastest beach in the world. Not bad for a resort that began only a century ago!


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Plage de la Franqui, Plage des Coussoules - Leucate

Plage de la Franqui, Plage des Coussoules - Leucate

Plage de la Franqui, Plage des Coussoules - Leucate

Plage de la Franqui, Plage des Coussoules - Leucate

Plage de la Franqui, Plage des Coussoules - Leucate

Plage de la Franqui, Plage des Coussoules - Leucate
  Opening Plage de la Franqui, Plage des Coussoules - Leucate:

- 01 january t/m 31 december 
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Equipments and Services:
  * Beach
* Sea
* Sand: Fine
* Setting: Rural
* Restaurant
* Groups Accepted
* Bar
* Toilets
* Walking/Hiking
* Parking distance: 2 mins
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La Franqui

La Franqui

Port Leucate

Port Leucate

Port la Nouvelle

Port la Nouvelle


Fitou A.O.P.

The first "Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée" wine of Languedoc-Roussillon, is only produced in nine small communal areas: FITOU, Caves, Treilles, Leucate and La Palme, which are all beside the sea, between Narbonne and Perpignan, and Cascastel, Paziols, Tuchan, and Villeneuve in the Corbières-Massif. Documents going back as far as Philip Augustus, Louis XIII and Louis XIV bear witness to the long-standing reputation of Fitou wines.Rabelais particularly appreciated "vin de Palme" which now has the "Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée Fitou" label. he vineyards in Fitou are set out on shaly and argilocalcareous soils with exceptional exposure to the sun. The countryside, whose relief consists in parts of hills and slopes and in others of plateaux, has the advantage of a particularly dry climate and is often swept by a high wind, the "Cers"...

Château Les Fenals
Château Les Fenals - Fitou
A.O.P. Fitou A.O.P. Rivesaltes, Muscat de Rivesaltes  The estate "Les Fenals", located halfway between Narbonne and Perpignan (30 km), is 3 km from the village of Leucate, 2 km from La Franqui beach. Our estate, a original 19th-century languedoc farmhouse, is located in the middle of vineyards, on the edge of the l'étang de Leucate (lake) near the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. You are in a place where wine is produced, especially in the cellar; we process our vines, vinify, elevate and take care of the sale of our wine. The estate Les Fenals, property of family, is exploited since 2004 by Marion Fontanel who took the succession of his mother Colette. The vineyard is located in the driest region of metropolitan France and enjoys a constant sunshine that guarantees the wine a qualitative regularity. The winds Tramontane and Marin sweep this place clean 300 days a year and therefore determine a very healthy climate, so that few diseases occur on the vine. Clay and limestone, very stony. Fresh basement because of the proximity of the pond of Leucate, providing the minimum humidity necessary for the good maturation of the> Méthode de culture En conversion biologique since July 1, 2017. Méthode douce excluding any toxic or polluting product. Organic manure only. Manual harvest...

  Plage de la Franqui,
Plage des Coussoules

Leisure - Watersports - Beach - Windsurfing
La Plage de la Franqui
La Plage des Coussoules

Leucate Tourist Office
Espace Henry de Monfreid
Port Leucate BP17
11370 Leucate
Phone +33

Email -

Website -

Rates, Methods of payment -
Adults: Free
Children: Free

Bike friendlyParkingBarSwimmingRestaurantCafé, Bar

Le Calamar en Folie

Le Calamar en Folie - Leucate

Our restaurant "Le Calamar en Folie" is located in La Franqui in the pond of Leucate. We offer Mediterranean cuisine in an unusual and natural setting where you can enjoy our specialties of meat/fish and wine selections. Our specialties: Combines trimmed squid, parillades fish, paella and zarzuela This season we offer new a la carte: Fresh shrimp with cream of peas, Mejillones (mussels stuffed with butter snails), cabillaud sauce llauna....

Domaine Presqu’île de La Franqui

Domaine Presqu’île de La Franqui - Leucate

Domaine Presqu’île de la Franqui offers top-quality holidays right by the famous Coussoules beach, a long sandy beach famous for windsurfing and kitesurfing. Our glamping offers luxurious accommodations and high-quality services to make your stay unforgettable, while keeping it in harmony with nature. Domaine Presqu’île de la Franqui is settled in a 7-acre domain within a breathtaking natural environment, alongside famous beach Les Coussoules known for watersport. Because our campsite is a car-free domain you can enjoy your holiday in peace, reading a book on the sun terrace or by the pool, while your children play in complete safety. Take a drink at the poolside bar, dine in the restaurant, unwind in our spa or sauna, or spoil yourself with a massage. Spend a night glazing at the stars from your private hot tub or take advantage of the many activities and courses offered by our partners, our room service and bike rental. Nearby Domaine Presqu’île de la Franqui, practice various outdoor activities : watersport, horse riding, mountain biking, and more! Holidays at Domaine Presqu’île de La Franqui are dedicated to family and nature!

Adrénaline Direct Wind Kitesurf

Adrénaline Direct Wind Kitesurf - La Franqui / Leucate

Adrenaline is a kitesurfing school in La Franqui / Leucate near Perpignan (Languedoc Roussillon) which offers a kitesurf course for each level, and a shop where you will find boards, wings and accessories at the best price. If you want to learn kitesurfing, there is no better place than here in ADRENALINE, La Franqui. We gather here the ideal conditions for this new and fabulous snow sports. - beautiful sandy beaches that stretch over several kilometers - lagoons of several kilometers long where the water comes to the knee - and the Mediterranean Sea just lick the steps of the store...

La Stregheria

La Stregheria - La Franqui - Leucate

The antiques give this place a singular soul. Side bar, the cocktail is organized around tapas, pintxos ... just off the beach. It continues with the wines, good music and often beautiful meetings. Large benches that punctuate the garden defines the restaurant area, you can sample the chef ... and enjoy. The menu varies throughout the season. We work with fresh produce; often from local fisheries and small producers. Later on, when the evening drags on ... with a Ti Punch...La Franqui also seems to be a small paradise. It was once a former boarding house recently completely renovated. We created a summer restaurant on the ground floor in the garden. Imagine a garden full of colors and surprises; a heaven of freshness and lightness, a bit quirky. In the kitchen, we look to the welfare requirements of products without denaturing them. Our kitchen is simple, it focuses on the Mediterranean and on our beautiful region. Couteaux, tellines, poissons de lignes are in the spotlight, but do not miss to taste the rest...

Les Voiliers

Restaurant Les Voiliers - Leucate

The restaurant Les Voiliers offers throughout the year a rich flavor kitchen and a map based on fresh products with a predominance of the day for fish and seafood: poissons entiers cuits au four (loup, dorade royale, st Pierre...). And the dishes that have made the restaurant's reputation as the tuna steak Rossini, la marmitte du voilier, la fricassée de lotte et de St Jacques... The glacier bar area offers non-stop service, you will taste the all kinds of ice creams, housemade pancakes 'family recipe' and the cocktails...

Plage Dix Vins

Plage Dix Vins - Leucate

Plage Dix Vins is open every day of the week from June 15 to September 15 from 10:00 to 2:00 for the purposes of evenings. We offer a traditional cuisine with grilled fish, meats, salads and other dishes of the day in a warm and friendly setting. Children's menus are also available from 8.00 €. The part on the sand with its deckchairs, mattresses and large umbrellas, gives you the opportunity where you can relax and enjoy the beach in greatest comfort... Traditional meals for lunch and a warm family atmosphere and a relaxed and cozy decoration in the evenings around the tapas...

Restaurant L'Amiral 

Restaurant L'Amiral - Port-Leucate

At the edge of the water in Port Leucate in the Aude, L'Amiral offers a breathtaking view of its terrace overlooking the marina and the sunsets. You can taste our specialties and discover our wine list of Languedoc. L'Amiral is a friendly stopover for breakfast, lunch or dinner pleasantly at the water's edge. Trendy seafood and fish in a friendly, welcoming and warm, come and discover our elaborate menu, our traditional cuisine and especially our fish specialties a la plancha. Cooking is for us a source of pleasure, sharing and the freedom to create, it is in this spirit that we welcome you. Ideally located in Port-Leucate, at the heart of the activity we take full advantage of a unique setting and quality products. Our fruits and vegetables come almost exclusively from local markets, our meat and poultry are of French origin and we always favor local production. Finally our fish are worked according to arrivals, because the sea also has its seasons. It's a young, dynamic and passionate team that will welcome you with a true family spirit!

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