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Les Domaines Auriol - Lezignan-Corbières

A.O.P. Corbières
Les Domaines Auriol

Les Domaines Auriol - Lezignan-Corbières

Les Domaines Auriol - Lezignan-Corbières

Les Domaines Auriol - Lezignan-Corbières

Les Domaines Auriol - Lezignan-Corbières

Les Domaines Auriol - Lezignan-Corbières
Les Domaines Auriol - Lezignan-Corbières

Claude Vialade, Woman of Wine and founder of Domaines Auriol.

The four vineyards and family brand names, the soul and forerunner of the company located in Corbières - Languedoc-Roussillon, in the heart of the valley of Orbieu between the communes of Lagrasse and Fabrezan of which:
Les Domaines Auriol - Lezignan-Corbières
Château Ciceron
Château Ciceron is a unique site, to the north protected by the Alaric Mountain and to the south overlooking the meandering river Orbieu.The aim of Ciceron is to follow on with the Innovative and Qualitative Approach of the Auriol group, a signature created with perseverance and pragmatism by Claude Vialade. It’s a privileged area, protected from mass tourism, an area with a protected ecosystem, in osmosis with Nature. The Domaine is not far from Lagrasse, a member of the association “most beautiful village of France”.

Château Vialade
Château & Maison Vialade are inspired directly by the Vialade winemakers. The name of the company “Les Domaines Auriol” is inspired by the Château Saint-Auriol, the first vineyard that dates back to the 1980’s. Vialade & Saint Auriol are alter egos.
Red Wine = Red Wine White Wine = White Wine Rosé = Rosé Organic Wine = Organic Wine
  Château Saint-Auriol
After her last year of university Claude took charge over Château Saint-Auriol, and the daunting site of almost abandoned buildings and its 14 hectares of vines. In order for the dream of this young 20 year old of the Pays d’Oc to become a reality and the Domaine Auriol we see today, the building needed an overhaul. This was the beginning of years of rural perseverance, modesty through inexperience and feminine dynamism. The roofs have been reconstructed, the living quarters restored, the wine cellar renovated, construction of a fermenting room and planting and replanting of the vineyard, which has gone from 14 hectares down to 9 and then up to 43 hectares in size. Claude likes to joke about this period of her life. Looking back on “life in the castle”, with the years of hard work where the trowel and secateurs came before relaxation and strolling the grounds. Years later these it is all a distant memory, these initial obstacles overcome with a dash of recklessness, a fit of laughter and a touch of humour. “Saint-Auriol, La Châtelaine is born”. Today the buildings are used for functions and it is run by family members. “La Châtelaine” stretches across the upper terraces of the Orbieu Valley from Lagrasse (a historic vineyard) right up to the doorstep of Lézignan-Corbières (a modern vineyard).

Patiently built up over two generations by Clément Vialade, his son Jean and their respective wives, the vineyard now covers 27 hectares of vines planted on the slopes and the plateau adjacent to the Orbieu Valley in Ribaute. In 1985 under the impulse of Jean, the founder and President of the Ribaute Cooperative Winery and Director of Château Pech-Latt, these two neighbouring vineyards began their conversion to Organic Farming. A visionary of his time - long before organic farming was prevalent – Jean Vialade made Ribaute the first Cooperative winery in Europe produce all organically farmed wines.


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Les Domaines Auriol - Lezignan-Corbières

Les Domaines Auriol - Lezignan-Corbières

Les Domaines Auriol - Lezignan-Corbières

Les Domaines Auriol - Lezignan-Corbières

Les Domaines Auriol - Lezignan-Corbières
Opening Les Domaines Auriol - Lezignan-Corbières:

- Tasting by appointement..

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A.O.P. Corbières ROUTES 20 Corbières - Les Routes des Vins Agence française pour le développement et la promotion de l’agriculture biologique Pays Touristiques de Corbières en Minervois
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Abbaye de fontfroide

Abbaye de Fontfroide


A.O.P. Corbières

The Corbières is one of the wildest areas of France with one of the lowest population densities. It is picturesque with wine growing areas alternating with garigue and mountainous countryside. It is located mainly in the Aude département and partly in the Pyrénées-Orientales département. The River Aude borders the Corbières to the west and north. To the south is the River Agly and to the east the the Mediterranean Sea. The name Corbières comes from "cor" a pre-Celtic word meaning "rock" and "berre" from the River Berre which runs through Durban. The eastern part of the Corbières with its Etangs, borders the the Mediterranean Sea and is called the Corbières maritimes. It has its own distinctive climate and characteristic vegetation known as thermomediterranean vegetation...

La Pinède de Lézignan
La Pinède de Lézignan - Lézignan-Corbières
50,000 trees were planted in the pine forest and City with the help of the National Forestry Office, the Rescue Centre and the participation of the people and children in an awareness and education approach to preservation the quality of our environment. Lézignan-Corbières is a very active town, located along the main road between Narbonne and Carcassonne. The town has plenty of shops and cafés and so makes a good place to stop for a lunchtime visit. The main attraction, though, is the Wednesday market which is very large and packs the town with market stalls, people, odors (of the good sort) and activity. The main church of Lézignan-Corbières, Eglise Saint-Félix, is an imposing structure. Declared an historical monument, it's located in the center of town and has a small park just beside. The Wednesday market is a really big affair in Lézignan-Corbières. The market stretches around the south side of the old town, packing the main Cours de la République and most of the adjacent side-streets. There are very many clothes and food stalls, and all are popular. It was fun to observe which vendors had the best reputation by the bigger crowds packed around the more popular vegetable and food stands...


Alcohol Abuse is dangerous for your health.
Drink Moderately!
  Les Domaines Auriol
Cellars and Domains
Les Domaines Auriol
Z.I. Gaujac - BP 79
12 Rue Gustave Eiffel
11200 Lézignan Corbières

Phone +33
Fax +33
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Website -
Rates -
Rosé: 6.95 € to 7.95 €
White Wine: 6.95 € to 15.00 €
Red Wine: 6.90 € to 15.00 €

Bike friendlyParkingPets allowedWine tasting

Coco Sweet

Coco Sweet - Lézignan-Corbières

Coco Sweet is located in the center of Lezignan-Corbieres and have been welcoming guests since 2005. The restaurant has airconditioning and you can enjoy your dinner in the covered patio or outside on the terrace. We have a large selection of local wines in our "Coco Cave", you can puchase these wines at vineyard prices. We serve a wide variety of salads, tartares, fish, steak, meats and galettes (savory pancakes). Of course a French meal is not complete without a desert and at Coco Sweet we know how to make crêpe and Ice Cream Sundae's just how you like them. Monday thru Friday a Lunch Menu is served. You can choose a 2 or 3 course meal including the daily special " Entrée or Plat du Jour ". Frequently we have evenings with live music. Check out our concert page for more details...

Lou Griffou

Restaurant Lou Griffou - Lézignan-Corbières

Restaurant Lou Griffou - Lézignan-Corbières Griffou, griffoul according to the etymology; meaning "fountain" in Occitan appears in the twelfth century. The griffoul is also for the Gascon or Provençal a large fountain. Sometimes it takes the meaning inn and the innkeeper becomes griffounier. We retain the meaning of "public fountain", usually "Great fountain on the town square." Each municipality respecting wanted his Griffou on the central square Lou Griffou restaurant in Lezignan-Corbieres offers its market cuisine on the slate, every day the chef offers appetizers, dishes, various salads. Fresh vegetables from local market, fresh meat and fish. What daily renew the pleasure of true or surprising passages of gourmets...

Hotel Restaurant
Le Tournedos

Hôtel Restaurant Le Tournedos - Lézignan-Corbières

Founded in 1970 by the grandparents, the Hotel Restaurant Le Tournedos was renovated entirely with warmth while providing modern amenities (free wireless internet, air condition, PMR). Its geographical location between Narbonne and Carcassonne, on the road of Cathar castles, makes a point of departure Travel. The 15 rooms are all equipped with flat screen TV, free WiFi, air conditioning, telephone and shower room. Nearby parking is available. On business or leisure, discover the Hotel Restaurant Le Tournedos Lézignan-Corbières...

Hotel Restaurant
Le Mas de Gaujac

Hôtel Restaurant Le Mas de Gaujac - Lézignan-Corbières

The hotel Le Mas de Gaujac is in an ideal location between Narbonne and Carcassonne right in the heart of an area where vineyards and wine-making are a fundamental part of the local heritage. A comfortable place to stay for business or leisure trips. 21 fully-equipped rooms with shower or bath, TV, satellite cable TV, wireless Internet. Enclosed parking. Restaurant within a Michelin recommended hotel!!

La Crémaillère

Hotel La Crémaillère - Lézignan-Corbières

Nestling between sea and mountains in the heart of the Corbieres and in the middle of Lézignan-Corbières, Hotel La Crémaillère is a convivial and welcoming place for your trips in the Aude Region. Hotel La Crémaillère offers comfortable and quiet rooms. The Restaurant savour a regional cooking in the dining room, like specialties as Foie gras de canard mi-cuit maison and Lotte au Curry. Hotel La Crémaillère is an ideal stage for your journeys in the region....

La Crêperie Bretonne

La Crêperie Bretonne - Lézignan-Corbières

Lézignan-Corbières' Creperie Bretonne, established in the center of this little town of some 10,000 inhabitants since 2008, accomodates you from Tuesday till Sunday, except Sunday evening, for you to discover the "galette Bretonne" made in the traditional way by Stephane Gaurichon, a chef with more than 20 years' experience. "La Creperie" sometimes hosts artists for live shows, such as Kiko last year. When extraordinary events take place in Lezignan, such as the annual festival in August, "La Creperie" makes a real fuss over it....

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