Le Seuil de Naurouze - Labastide-d'Anjou - Montferrand

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Le Seuil de Naurouze

Le Seuil de Naurouze - Labastide-d'Anjou - Montferrand

Le Seuil de Naurouze - Labastide-d'Anjou - Montferrand

Le Seuil de Naurouze - Labastide-d'Anjou - Montferrand

Le Seuil de Naurouze - Labastide-d'Anjou - Montferrand

Le Seuil de Naurouze - Labastide-d'Anjou - Montferrand
Le Seuil de Naurouze - Labastide-d'Anjou - Montferrand

The Seuil de Naurouze, or Col de Naurouze, is the highest point (190 m above sea level) of the Canal du Midi in southern France. It is the watershed point identified by Pierre-Paul Riquet when he designed and built the canal. Water falling on the western side of this point flows to the Atlantic Ocean and on the eastern side to the Mediterranean Sea.

It is on the border of the department of Haute-Garonne and the department of the Aude. In 1827, the heirs of Riquet built the Riquet Obelisk. The obelisk has a dedication: "To Pierre-Paul Riquet, Baron Bonrepos, author of the Two Seas Canal in Languedoc".

It is erected near the site of the former octagonal holding tank, called the Bassin de Naurouze created during the building of the Canal du Midi.

The flow of water from the Bassin de St. Ferréol joins the Canal du Midi at this point.

Montferrand is a Lauragais small village with less than 450 inhabitants where the natural watershed of the Canal du Midi lies.


1 - Departure from Le Pont de la Rigole, at Enpelous.
2 - Follow the path to the Col Naurouze.
3 - Then walk to pupel, turn left and after 100 meters turn right to take the Chemin Saporte.
4 - Follow Chemin de Saporte, then Chemin du Saoulou.
5 - At Place de la Mairie, take Chemin du Moulin to the junction, then turn left and take the Chemin des Remparts.
6 - At Chemin des Coustous turn sharp left.
7 - Follow Chemin des Coustous then Rue de la Barbacane
8 - At Impasse de l'Ecole follow diagonally right Chemin de Saint-Pierre.
9 - At junction turn left onto Chemin des Tournisses, at next junction turn right onto the D218 (Route de la Fount d'Alzouno).
10 - At Chemin des Cathares right onto the D6113 cross and follow Chemin de l'Ecluse.
11 - On the Chemin Pierre Paul Riquet left, follow it to Route de Segala (D218), turn right.
12 -At the Minoterie the Naurouze turn left and follow the path which runs along the La Rigole du Canal du Midi.
13 - Follow this path until you arrive at your departure point...

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Le Seuil de Naurouze - Labastide-d'Anjou - Montferrand

Le Seuil de Naurouze - Labastide-d'Anjou - Montferrand

Le Seuil de Naurouze - Labastide-d'Anjou - Montferrand

Le Seuil de Naurouze - Labastide-d'Anjou - Montferrand
- Distance
- 13,4 km
- Mini Altitude
- 190 meter
- Departure
- Le Pont de la Rigole,
- Type
- Loop
a - Max Altitude
- 270 meter
- Vertical drop
- 216 meter
- Duration
- 3,30 Hours
- Markup
- Yes
- IGN reference
- 2245E
- Difficulty
- Easy
- Coordinates
- 43.35686,
- Download GPS Track


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  Opening Randonnée Le Seuil de Naurouze - Labastide-d'Anjou - Montferrand:

- 01 january to 31 december
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Lac de la Ganguise...

Lac de la Ganguise...


Castelnaudary is probably most famous for a 'pleasant'
dish of beans and various meats known as Cassoulet..




A.O.C. Cabardès

The Cabardès region is situated to the west of Languedoc and to the south of the central massif, a geologist's dream, balanced between east and west, the sun and the coolness, the heathland and the mountain. It is here that the winds cross. They bring the intense mediterranean heat necessary for southern "cépages" (grape types) such as syrah and grenache, and the cool atlantic humidity for the ocean "cépages": merlot, cabernet-sauvignon, cabernet-franc, cot and fer-servadou, to prosper. The vineyards and wines of Cabardès have been recognized as AOC since february 1999. The quality of the grapes, the wine-making, the blending of the "cépages" and the keeping of the wines has allowed us to obtain the best balance between fruit and structure, fullness and complexity, intensity and elegance. Cabardès assembles 30 châteaux and domaines over 500 productive hectares spread amongst 18 villages. 20000 hectolitres are produced each year,of which 60% are exported....


A.O.P. Malepère - Côtes de la Malepère

The Malepère region was awarded AOC status on May 2nd 2007. It is a hilly area south-west of the city of Carcassonne which is included in the appellation along with 31 other towns and villages. Although the area claims a great history of wine making it was in the 1970’s that the vineyards began to be replanted and VDQS status was granted. VDQS is the intermediary wine designation between Vin de Pays and AOC and is a testing ground for would-be AOC’s to prove that wines from all the producers share a common personality before they can be awarded full AOC status. Although an obscure region the Malepère is well worth a visit and offers a very different terrain to the more recognizable Languedoc appellations. There are many interesting medieval circular villages to visit. They were built this way to form ramparts to act as protection for the inhabitants. The Cathar religion was strong here and the area is immersed in history and folklore...

Le Seuil de Naurouze
Leisure - Sports - Mountain walks - Snow-shoe walks - Hiking - Walking
Le Pont de la Rigole
11320 Labastide-d'Anjou

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Campsite Domaine Saint Laurent

Campsite Domaine Saint Laurent - Montferrand

The Domaine Saint Laurent campsite is tucked away in the heart of the Lauragais area 50km south of Toulouse near the Canal du Midi and the Seuil de Narouze (Narouze mountain pass). The campsite is located in 21 hectares of unspoiled countryside and features a pool, a multisports area (volleyball and football), table tennis, trampoline, archery, half-court tennis, saunas and pétanque (bowls). There's also a bar, TV room, billiards, and table football all of which are free to use. Our rentals include canvas bungalows that sleep 4 and mobile homes that sleep 4 to 6 as well as pitches for tents, camper-vans and caravans.....

Canal du Midi

Canal du Midi

The Canal du Midi is one of the greatest engineering achievements of the modern age, providing the model for the flowering of technology that led directly to the Industrial Revolution and the modern technological age. It represents a significant period in European history, that of the development of water transport as a result of mastery of hydraulic civil engineering. It combines with its technological innovation a concern for high aesthetic architectural and landscape design that has few parallels...

Hostellerie Etienne

Hostellerie Etienne - Labastide d'Anjou

No visit to southeast France would be complete without a stop at Hostellerie Etienne in Labastide-d' Anjou and dining on Cassoulet de Castelnaudary prepared by Etienne Rousselot, a champion cassoulet chef.... The best cassoulet in the area!..

Campsite Municipal
de la Giraille

Campsite Municipal de la Giraille - Castelnaudary

In a green setting, near the Canal du Midi, the campsite offers a space for recreation and relaxation for family holidays or friends. La Giraille municipal campsite is in a leafy green setting close to the banks of the Canal du Midi. A great place to spend a relaxing, fun-filled holiday with family or friends. The municipal pool is just 300 metres away...

Le Grilladou

Hôtellerie Le Grilladou - Labastide d'Anjou

Located on the major axis-Mediterranean Ocean, halfway between Carcassonne and Toulouse (45 kms), 12 km from Villefranche-Lauragais and Castelnaudary (World Capital of Cassoulet) Labastide d'Anjou is located on a route where you can discover the castles and sites Aude witness the crusade against the Albigenses. You will also be on the road of Cathar. Le Grilladou est situé au coeur du vieux village de Labastide d'Anjou, dévié de la D 6113. All rooms are equipped with shower, toilet, telephone, fax, television and wireless internet access...

Le Relais de Riquet

Le Relais de Riquet - Labastide d'Anjou

Restaurant Le Relais de Riquet overlooking the Canal du Midi, midway between Toulouse and Carcassonne, between the threshold and Naurouze Labastide d'Anjou, the hamlet of Segala has a port for all boaters Canal. Since October 2010, Pascal and Helen, children of the country, took over Le Relais de Riquet, and offer traditional and gourmet cuisine. The Naurouze, you can visit the watershed between ocean and Mediterranean. The bike path along the banks will take you on a hike from Toulouse to Sète. We are here to welcome you, comfort you, encourage you ... and above all to enjoy!...

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