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Le Sentier du Marbre - Caunes-Minervois

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Le Sentier du Marbre - Caunes-Minervois

Le Sentier du Marbre - Caunes-Minervois

Le Sentier du Marbre - Caunes-Minervois

Le Sentier du Marbre - Caunes-Minervois

Le Sentier du Marbre - Caunes-Minervois

Le Sentier du Marbre - Caunes-Minervois
Le Sentier du Marbre - Caunes-Minervois

A loop of 52 km or four mini-loops from each village.

The large loop connecting the villages Villeneuve-Minervois, Caunes-Minervois and Trausse-Mnervois Aude and Félines-Minervois in Herault. It gives you the opportunity to discover the different marble quarries of these different villages through the undergrowth at the foot of the Montagne Noire in the middle of beautiful landscapes. In particular the "Marbres Rouges Incarnat of Caunes-Minervois" and the "Rouge Griotte of Félines-Minervois", both of which served in large quantities for the embellishment of the Château de Versailles.
Le Sentier du Marbre - Caunes-Minervois
You can also see Dolmen: le Palet de Rolland (in Villeneuve-Minervois), the covered paths of Jappeloup (near Paulignan), the chapels and churches (St. Mamès, Notre Dame du Cros, St. Roch, Abbaye de Caunes ...), the castles Châteaux de Vilerembert and Paulignan. A former marble sawmill (Biot sur Félines) the ruins of Ventajou (in Félines)...
  This circular walk can be walked in sections. You will find in the villages, among other things, cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies and, of course, hotels and gites.

Each village has its own walk that is mentioned separately in the guide of Pays de Carcassonne.

The signposting has a specific pink color and access to the circular walk is indicated by signs showing a declination of the "M" logo Marbles Minervois.

The marbles, in the modern sense of the term, were formed from a gigantic limestone deposit that occurred between the Upper Devonian and Lower Carboniferous periods, in a time span of 50 million years between - 380 and 330 million years. At that time, the surroundings of Caunes were almost covered by the sea, only emerged the mountains of Minervois. In this shallow sea lived many animax and plants including the Goniatites, ancestors of the Ammonites and species of octopus living in a kind of shell, and the Othocera, fossil with him also a shell right. For millions of years, at their death, all these animals and plants were found at the bottom of the sea and accumulated on top of each other, dragged by currents and forming pockets of accumulation. Mixed with plankton, these deposits are gradually transformed into dolomite limestone. It is a phenomenon called metamorphism which under the effect of the temperature and the pressure exerted by the underground plates and with the contribution among others of the iron oxide which allows us to have colors and this consistency that the we know marble today. The spots and fossils that can be seen have simply been forgotten by the process of metamorphism, for example manganese, which appears in the form of grayish or black marks, particularly in Villerambert.


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Le Sentier du Marbre - Caunes-Minervois

Le Sentier du Marbre - Caunes-Minervois

Le Sentier du Marbre - Caunes-Minervois

Le Sentier du Marbre - Caunes-Minervois

Le Sentier du Marbre - Caunes-Minervois
- Distance
- 47,3 km
- Mini Altitude
- 140 meter
- Departure
- Chaque village,
- Caunes-Minervois
- Type
- Loop
a - Max Altitude
- 610 meter
- Vertical drop
- 191 meter
- Duration
- 12 Hours
- Markup
- Yes
- IGN reference
- 2445O
- Difficulty
- Average
- Coordinates
- 43.33605,
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Opening Le Sentier du Marbre - Caunes-Minervois:

- 01 january to 31 december 
Le Pays Cathare AOC-AOP Minervois Qualité Tourisme Occitanie Syndicat du Cru Minervois La Région Languedoc-Roussillon - Sud de France
Mairie de Caunes-Minervois Mairie de Félines-Minervois Mairie de Villeneuve-Minervois Mairie de Trausse-Minervois La Région Occitanie/Pyrénées-Méditerranée est le premier site communautaire sur la randonnée pédestre, le trekking et les sports outdoor FFRandonnée Occitanie Randonnée Pédestre VisuGPX France-Randos propose des itinéraires de randonnées pédestres Comité Départemental de la Randonnée Pédestre de l'Aude


L'abbaye de Caunes Minervois

Les Carrières et le Marbre - Caunes-Minervois

Les Carrières et le Marbre - Caunes-Minervois

Notre Dame du Cros

Notre Dame du Cros - (Caunes-Minervois > Trausse)

Jean-Baptiste Senat
Domaine Jean-Baptiste Senat - Trausse-Minervois
A.O.P. Minervois A courtyard opens out onto the narrow streets of Trausse, in the heart of the Minervois. A row of fig trees backs onto an old stone wall. A red gate, freshly painted. The Argent Double flows nearby, the foothills of the Montagne Noire can be seen in the distance. Here, Jean-Baptiste and Charlotte grow grapes on 15 hectares, respecting the land and the rules of organic agriculture. “For natural and honest wines you need thriving soil and healthy vines” sums up the master of the house. All year round, the domain’s vines are cared for according to the ethics of organic agriculture, totally, as certified by Ecocert. Here, pruning is done patiently and weeding the old fashioned way, being ploughed back in. The earth, regularly turned over and worked with patience, becomes an ally. There is no question of rushing things, or of imposing standards. Because a good winemaker guides more than he imposes, the vines are treated with kindness, according to their needs: a goblet shape to make the most of the coolness offered by shade or spread out to gain maturity. Allowing them to live, to develop, that is the key...

Le Clos du Marbrier
Le Clos du Marbrier - Caunes-Minervois
A.O.P. MinervoisAn old workshop for marble builtup against the medieval ramparts of the village, a garden at the end of a narrow street nestled in the heart of Caunes Minervois, a beautiful bergerie overlooking the Argent Double river and the Pyrenees off in the distance, made me dream. Here there is not a long family tradition: every thing is to be invented. A winery on two levels, a small, shady tasting area, a naturally cool cellar with oak barrels for aging the wines, taking form little by little in what become at the same time aplace of work and a place for living. The vines of Clos du Marbrier are situated in the magnificient "terroirs" of Félines Minervois and La Livinière in the foothills of the Montagne Noire at 400 meters altitude. While stroling the lanes of the village on the path marked by the ceramic lizard, you will not miss passing the Clos du Marbrier. Tasting the wines and visit the winery rather by a appointment. Le Clos du Marbrier is situated in the village of Caunes Minervois...

  Le Sentier du Marbre - Caunes-Minervois
Leisure - Sports - Mountain walks - Snow-shoe walks - Hiking - Walking

11160 Caunes-Minervois
11160 Trausse-Mnervois
11160 Villeneuve-Minervois
34210 Félines-Minervois

Phone +33
Email -

Website -

Hotel d'Alibert

Hôtel d'Alibert - Caunes-Minervois

A vast residence Renaissance in the middle of the village of Caunes-Minervois. Eight rooms barely for nights of a peace which they had forgotten. For dinners under stars, courtyard in the sculpted galleries. Where, during winter, corner of a big chimney. An incomparable list of regional wines. The tracery of the alleyways which lead towards the very close garrigue, then of tracks of walkings in the Black Mountain. The sea that less than one hour; and Carcassonne, almost visible on the skyline. Everywhere around, the country Minervois. Will the hotel - restaurant of Alibert soon have the pleasure of receiving you?...

Campsite Municipal les Courtals

Campsite Municipal les Courtals - Caunes-Minervois

This municipal campsite features 32 shaded pitches with electricity, WC, showers, washing up area, children's play area, camper-van waste disposal facilities and football and tennis facilities nearby. Daily bread delivery. Fridge and freezer available at reception during opening hours from 7am to 10am and 5pm to 7pm. The village features a Romanesque abbey...

La Marbrerie

La Marbrerie - Caunes-Minervois

Set of cottages on the floor of a building with character. All rooms have bathroom and WC, a desk, armchairs, a TV and a computer connected to the internet. La Marbrerie offers labeled country plates as a friendly and gourmet break! You will experience great moments of trading. The Country Platter, is a brand of "de Pays" developed in the network of tourist country. These operations structure of the tourism offer based on a vision of cross-country tourism development local planning and development of animation streams. In tribute to the activity of this building we expound in selling anything or is the Marble. Sculptures, decorative objects or usual, furniture, paintings on marble, paintings....

La Grande Fontaine

La Grande Fontaine - Caunes-Minervois

Located just down the hill on the main street, inside this is the local bar, while outside is a gathering place for tourists. A morning coffee can be fun. Buy the pastries across the street at the boulangerie, then order coffee. There's no problem with eating breakfast that you've purchased elsewhere, because the Grande Fontaine doesn't sell pasteries. An omelet and salad at noon can be very enjoyable and inexpensive, and full meals are available both at noon and in the evening. Reservations not normally necessary...

La Cantine du Curé

La Cantine du Curé - Caunes-Minervois

Come to La Cantine du Curé to feel at home! This could be the motto of this tapas bar-restaurant, where Benjamin and his team welcome you on the terrace or in the dining room, here conviviality and a sense of sharing take on their full meaning. Benjamin will advise and guide you as a good winegrower, on the choice of your drink, and if you are lucky, he will make you taste his own organic cuvées (Domaine Benjamin Taillandier in Caunes) at the bend of a game of petanque, on the boules court of the garden. Here, we prefer the short circuits and local producers, the tapas menu changes every week, the canned foods are served at any time and in summer, you can hesitate among more than 150 wine references, or taste a regional artisanal beer from Alaryk...

Auberge La Table
des Vignerons

Auberge La Table des Vignerons - Trausse

Bar a Vins - Restaurant, La Table des Vignerons "Domaine Tour Trencavel" in the renovated Bureau of the old Cave Co-operative building. They serve well constructed meals, menus with choices & a la carte served with very reasonabley priced local wines. The warm welcome of the bosses, the decor classy and sober, daily menu renewed every day, garden products ... and the wine list at very reasonable rates. The gourmet menu (starter, main dish and dessert) is a feast! Opportunity to purchase wines from areas at the end of the meal. An address that we will refile word of mouth....

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