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Le Prieuré Sainte Marie d'Albas - Moux

A.O.P. Corbières
Le Prieuré Sainte Marie d'Albas - Moux

Le Prieuré Sainte Marie d'Albas - Moux

Le Prieuré Sainte Marie d'Albas - Moux

Le Prieuré Sainte Marie d'Albas - Moux

Le Prieuré Sainte Marie d'Albas - Moux
Le Prieuré Sainte Marie d'Albas - Moux

Le Prieuré Sainte Marie d'Albas takes its character form the specificity of its growth in terraces lands, in the shade of the Alaric mountain and gazing on the Aude valley and the black mountains. It is in this authentic setting that Laurence and Vincent Licciardi-Pirot will introduce you to a pallet of aromas through the AOP Corbières wines, which will awaken your senses.
Le Prieuré Sainte Marie d'Albas - Moux
Thanks to an exceptional climate (lots of wind and sun) and a ripe clay and limestone substrate, this wine acquires its flavors and scents on a 32-hectare beautiful vineyard.

The grapes are picked by hand and pre-selected during harvest, after which they are vinified according to a method that gets the best out of the fruits. These wines are made from different grapes: Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre and Carignan for the red, Syrah and Grenache for the rosé and Roussanne for the white wines. From the very first "mise en bouche" you will appreciate the quality of the different bouquets that owe their personality to the knowledge of oenology and viticulture.
Red Wine = Red Wine White Wine = White Wine Rosé = Rosé
  Prieuré Sainte Marie d'Albas 4 Saisons
40% Carignan, 30% Grenache, 30% Syrah. 13.5% abv. Intense, deep purple colour, with real aromatic complexity - a melange of summer pudding fruits, garrigue herbs, cumin and coriander, with hints of roses, violets and leather. On the palate, it is soft, easy drinking, yet nicely concentrated, with a great mouthful of fresh summer fruit flavours, ample acidity and a just the right level of tannic grip. Stylistically, this isn't too far removed from a rather good Cru Beaujolais - in other words, gloriously fruity, but with a little southern warmth thrown-in for good measure.

Prieuré Sainte Marie d'Albas Rosé
50% Grenache, 50% Syrah. 12.5% abv. Crystal clear and copper-coloured with salmon pink highlights. Beautifully fragrant, with aromas of raspberry, cherry, mint and garrigue herbs. Bags of juicy red cherry and raspberry fruit on the palate, with a gently creamy texture. This is a "proper" rosé, made from pressed grapes (rather than the usual "saignée" or free-run method), nicely rounded and without any of the slightly bitter notes found in many other rosés. A lovely wine, which strikes a balance between easy-drinking soft summer fruits and refreshing crispness.

Prieuré Sainte Marie d'Albas l'Alliance Blanc
100% Macabeu. 12.5% abv. Clear and bright with pale yellow/gold highlights. On the nose, delicate floral aromas of white peach, white flowers and lemon oil, with disticnctly herby overtones - basil, mint and oregano spring to mind. The palate is bright and crisp, offering juicy citrus and exotic fruit flavours. There's a fair amount of richness to it - not oily, but expansive and lightly spicy. The finish is very long and gently warming, yet remaining remarkably fresh and mouth-watering.


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Le Prieuré Sainte Marie d'Albas - Moux

Le Prieuré Sainte Marie d'Albas - Moux

Le Prieuré Sainte Marie d'Albas - Moux

Le Prieuré Sainte Marie d'Albas - Moux

Le Prieuré Sainte Marie d'Albas - Moux
Opening Le Prieuré Sainte Marie d'Albas - Moux:

- 01 january to 31 december - From 09:00 to 12:00 and from 14:30 to 17:00
- On appointment only !!
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Le Sentier Sculpturel de Mayronnes

Le Sentier Sculpturel de Mayronnes


A.O.P. Corbières

The Corbières is one of the wildest areas of France with one of the lowest population densities. It is picturesque with wine growing areas alternating with garigue and mountainous countryside. It is located mainly in the Aude département and partly in the Pyrénées-Orientales département. The River Aude borders the Corbières to the west and north. To the south is the River Agly and to the east the the Mediterranean Sea. The name Corbières comes from "cor" a pre-Celtic word meaning "rock" and "berre" from the River Berre which runs through Durban. The eastern part of the Corbières with its Etangs, borders the the Mediterranean Sea and is called the Corbières maritimes. It has its own distinctive climate and characteristic vegetation known as thermomediterranean vegetation...

Sentier de Randonnée Sur les Crêtes de l'Alaric
Sentier de Randonnée Sur les Crêtes de l'Alaric - Comigne
An emergence of sandstone on the top part, bears the church and the castle, while the houses of the village draw the oblong contour of the hill. Owned by a lord suspected of heresy, Comigne was besieged by Simon de Montfort in 1210, and awarded to the Abbey of Lagrasse. Under the old regime, the locality belonged to the Seneschal of Carcassonne. The vineyard now produces an appreciated wine. A walk of 13km with 300m of altitude for a period of 4 hours. Dawdle in the streets of the village and then come along to the stadium, south of the village. Climb through scrubland to the GR 36. After the campaign of "Bouscat" which is left on the right, take the GR 36 to the left, towards the signal. After 2.5 km turn left through the dwarf oaks, dwarfism due to exposure to strong wind. Follow the trail that winds through the pine wood the presence of a huge holly will surprise you with its size. Then take the mule track stone at the bottom of the Combe de Migère surrounded by « aplombs » limestone. Then come back to the village. A walk not advisable on hot day...

Alcohol Abuse is dangerous for your health.
Drink Moderately!
  Le Prieuré Sainte Marie d'Albas
Cellars and Domains
Domaine Prieuré Sainte Marie d'Albas
45 Avenue Henri Bataille
11700 Moux
Phone +33
Mobile +33
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Rates -

Rosé: 6.95 €
White Wine: 8.00 €
Red Wine: 6.85 € to 13.85 €

Bike friendlyParkingPets allowedWine tasting

Le Roc de Roland

Randonnée Le Roc de Roland - Moux

A few kilometers southwest of Moux, stands the Roc Gray set of limestone ridges which rises to 418 meters. This rocky outcrop now restores historical heritage through the ruins and legends. In fact, the other name of 'Le Roc Gris' is 'Le Roc de Roland'... Legend has it that Roland used this rock to escape from his enemies, to be run away with his horse Alaric towards the Montagne Noir (on the other side of the Aude valley). The momentum of the horse was so powerful that an imprint of his hoof is inlaid in stone forever. Moux and its surroundings, including of their proximity to Alaric, are rich in hiking...

Musée 1900 - Lagrasse

Musée 1900 - Lagrasse

A new museum opened in the village in 2009: The Museum "1900 AD" (at the bottom of the main street) 300 square metre exhibition showing dolls, trades of yesteryear, toys from the family collection, miniature son et lumière show on the stonework of the buildings of the Lagrasse valley. Wine-cellar with tastings and shop selling local produce....

Le Top du Roulier

Le Top du Roulier - Capendu

The Hotel Restaurant is ideally located in Capendu, just 15 minutes from the city of Carcassonne and less than an hour from the Mediterranean coast. At the heart of the village, between Corbières and Minervois, the hotel is the starting point for many activities: walking or cycling along the Canal du Midi, through the vineyards or the fragrant garrigue of the mountain of Alaric. This privileged place opens up many possibilities for walks through vineyards and along the sides of the Canal du Midi or on marked trails of Alaric that may cause you, among other things, its botanical trail, the Miramont Castle or Benitiers. All the rooms have air conditioning, private shower and terrace, free Wi-Fi and Canal Satellite TV. The onsite restaurant offers a regional cooking with a wide selection of local wines, served in the restaurant or on a shady patio...

En Catimini

Restaurant En Catimini - Ferrals-les-Corbières

Located in a beautiful village in the heart of the Aude, En Catimini welcomes you in luxury and offers the opportunity to taste a refined and creative cuisine in a chic and sober decoration. Let us surprise you with traditional dishes revisited and identified by subtle blends of flavors from elsewhere. Here is a kitchen that is changing with the seasons and the Chef's inspiration with entirely new compositions and exquisite product made from the garden. The hosts, passionate about their work, are happy to advise you and organize theme nights...

Auberge Côté Jardin

Hôtel Restaurant Auberge Côté Jardin - Conilhac-Corbières

Midway between the Mediterranean and the Montagne Noir in the heart of the Corbières, a region of many treasures, nestles a building of hidden charm. Through the main entrance of the Auberge Côté Jardin you will find the terrace, a welcome haven of stone and greenery. This former Napoleonic staging post with heated swimming pool and private parking offers 12 rooms, each equipped to the highest standard with air conditioning, mini bar, TV and Internet acess. Your host, David Prevel, a young chef, unfurls all his talents to propose an imaginative subtle and gourmet cuisine which evolves witth seasons. Endlessly searching for the best produce of our region, David Prevel will give you a tour of the best specialities of the Languedoc. Sophie, his charming wife vigilantly takes charge of the inn' s cellar. Her "coups de Coeur" are revealed in her lively wine list which changes depending on her latest discoveries...

Hôtel Restaurant
Le Clos des Souquets

Hôtel Restaurant Le Clos des Souquets - Fabrezan

Located in the South of France, in the heart of Corbieres, where the Wine is good and the Sun shines 300 days a year, Phillipe Julien welcomes you to his Hotel Restaurant "Le Clos des Souquets" You will enjoy the large swimming pool within the patio of this typical gastronomic French restaurant, and also the Hotel rooms surrounded by a Mediterranean garden.. Le Clos des Souquets offers you 4 rooms named Antillaise, Provençale, Hortensia, Empire, and a large studio apartment in Greek style with a panoramic terrace. All rooms and the studio have direct access to a Mediterranean garden and the swimming pool. Rooms are of course fully equipped with individual bathroom, toilets, TV, Air condition, etc... There is private shady parking within the grounds...

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