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Le Moulin Neuf ** - Lanet

Le Moulin Neuf **

Le Moulin Neuf - Lanet

Le Moulin Neuf - Lanet

Le Moulin Neuf - Lanet

Le Moulin Neuf - Lanet
Le Moulin Neuf - Lanet

Desire for eating healthy and local in Hautes Corbières? Appointment in Moulin Neuf where the chef Vincent Pujo, a person of a rich experience in various establishments, proposes to you a delicious à la carte of local products, on terrace or in the diningroom. Here, the à la carte menu is made up of fresh ingredients, the dishes change regularly, in respect for the ground and the climate, and all the suppliers are specified.
Le Moulin Neuf - Lanet
As starter, to choose between the Saint-Honore with Foie Gras or the Cromesqui of Langoustine, which is already a torment, and for the dish: lamb leg, trout with almonds, or fillet with butter of hazelnut and chorizo? For the dessert, Dax-native the walnut-chocolate puts everyone of agreement, unless you crack for crunch-citrus fruits...

In Moulin Neuf, it is also possible to set out again with quality fishes since the place is also a piscicultural farmhouse!
  "Welcome in Lanet, just outside the village on the D212 in the direction of Lagrasse lies this idyllic restaurant and trout farm. In a new, custom built room with full view of the chef working you can choose from a concise menu of culinary delights. We ate from the 28 Euro for 3 courses prix fixe and enjoyed the most wonderful trout tartine, then a revelatory Marmite, (which is essentially a pot roast of fresh trout, vine tomatoes, fennel, garlic, and potato with a langoustine broth) and finished with beautifully simple and freshly handmade desserts. The chocolate mousse was almost narcotic in its strength. The waitress was wonderfully accommodating of our 10 year old nephew and very flexible about sharing courses. All of the ingredients were incredibly fresh, locally sourced and delicious. The wine list is extremely well-chosen from the best local producers. Because the food is made from scratch in front of you it may indeed take a little longer if they are busy, but believe me it is worth the wait. During our stay in the Aude we have enjoyed a variety of cuisine and most of it is still in thrall to the old school of French cooking; lashings of butter and cream. At Le Moulin Neuf, Vincent Pujo has left these traditions behind, which can't have been difficult to do as he is surrounded by fantastic local ingredients. They also sell trout fresh from the tank at the most notable of the local markets, so you may well see them at Lagrasse or the like before you get the chance to visit the restaurant. As you can see from my photos, the setting is wonderfully verdant and if you feel so inclined, you can catch your own lunch. Highly recommended!".


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Le Moulin Neuf - Lanet

Le Moulin Neuf - Lanet

Le Moulin Neuf - Lanet

Le Moulin Neuf - Lanet

Le Moulin Neuf - Lanet
Opening Restaurant:

- 01 April to 31 October - From 12:00 to 14:00 and from 19:00 to 22:00
- Closed day(s):
- We encourage you to book

Capacity Restaurant:

- 1 Restaurant room, 40 seats indoor, 40 seats on terrace 

Qualité Tourisme Le Pays Cathare Pays Touristiques de Corbières en Minervois Tourisme et Patrimoine en Pays Occitan Petit Futé

Equipments and Services:
  * Restaurant
* Parking
* Terrace
* Child friendly
* Garden
* Organic fish farming
* Groups accepted 
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Château de Termes

Château de Termes

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Maison Déodat Roché - Arques


A.O.C. Corbières

The Corbières is one of the wildest areas of France with one of the lowest population densities. It is picturesque with wine growing areas alternating with garigue and mountainous countryside. It is located mainly in the Aude département and partly in the Pyrénées-Orientales département. The River Aude borders the Corbières to the west and north. To the south is the River Agly and to the east the the Mediterranean Sea. The name Corbières comes from "cor" a pre-Celtic word meaning "rock" and "berre" from the River Berre which runs through Durban. The eastern part of the Corbières with its Etangs, borders the the Mediterranean Sea and is called the Corbières maritimes. It has its own distinctive climate and characteristic vegetation known as thermomediterranean vegetation...

Les Sources de Salz
Les Sources de Salz - Sougraigne
  At Sougraigne on the Domaine de l'Eau Salée, the Sals gushes forth, a salt spring with up to 60g of salt per litre, and which historically has attracted many protagonists: glass makers, jet miners, charcoal burners, woodcutters, shepherds, pedlars and of course, salt smugglers and the customs officers on their heels. La Source Salée, the salt water source at the heart of the Domaine, a source of salmon-pink salt water gives birth to the river Sals. The salinity varies with the seasons. In the time of the unpopular Gabelle (salt tax), this source was the origin of a vigorous salt smuggling activity. In the time of the unpopular Gabelle (salt tax), this source was the origin of a vigorous salt smuggling activity. Customs officers were posted at the site to try to regulate the salt trade. The former guard house close to the source remains as a silent witness to this troubled period....

  Le Moulin Neuf **
Restaurant Regional French
Organic fish farming
Le Moulin Neuf
11330 Lanet

Phone +33
Mobile -

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Restaurant -
Menus: 26.00 € to 30.00 €  

Pets allowedBike friendlyParkingRestaurantTerrace

Château Villerouge-Termenès

Château Villerouge-Termenès - Villerouge-Termenes

In the center of the village of Villerouge, in the Langedouc region of France, is the ancient castle of Termenes. The Villerouge-Termenes castle is known as the home of the last known Cathar Prefect Guilhem Belibasate, who was burned at the stake during the Catholic crusades of the 13th century. The Albigensian Crusades, as they are known, were ordered by Pope Innocent III. During those crusades, thousands of Cathars were burned at the stake. In the city of Beziers alone, thousands were killed. History records the infamous words of Arnaud Amaury, when asked whether to kill both Catholics and Cathars, responded: "Kill them all; God will recognize his own". He later reported to Pope Innocent III that "neither age, nor sex, nor status had been spared, and nearly twenty thousand people perished." This should be a lesson to everyone regarding the dangers of religious fanaticism...

Le Sentier Sculpturel de Mayronnes

Le Sentier Sculpturel de Mayronnes

Mayronne(s) is a hamlet in the Corbieres hills, near Lagrasse. It hosts a stunning free sculpture trail 5km (two hours 30 minutes) long. There are permanent sculptures and an annual exhibition April – September. Sculptures are amusing, puzzling and breathtaking. The walk would be stunning even without the sculptures and it is a magical experience. Very few people know it’s there....

Gorges de Caune-Pont (Gorges de Coynepont)

Gorges de Caune-Pont (Gorges de Coynepont) - Termes

The Château de Termes is a ruined castle near the village of Termes in the Aude département of the Languedoc. Built on a promontory it is defended on three sides by deep ravines. The ruins of the castle cover an area of 16.000m². Au bout de 30mn environ, au niveau d’un gué sur le Sou, franchir le ruisseau de Nougairole (signifie planté de noyers). La montée est raide, obliquer à gauche, passer sous le rocher de la Femna Prens. Vue dégagée sur les gorges de « Caune Pont » et la vallée du Sou. Passage délicat dans les rochers. Continuer de monter pour atteindre un éperon rocheux en promontoire : vue plongeante sur le défilé des gorges. Enjamber un passage vertigineux : le rocher de Caune Pont qui surplombe une grotte d’habitat néolithique...

Atelier Verrier Forestier

Atelier Verrier Forestier - Sougraigne

At Sougraigne on the Domaine de l'Eau Salée, the Sals gushes forth, a salt spring with up to 60g of salt per litre, and which historically has attracted many protagonists: glass makers, jet miners, charcoal burners, woodcutters, shepherds, pedlars and of course, salt smugglers and the customs officers on their heels. The Salines forest glassworks is a remarkable archaeological site not far from this spring, with the remains of its two heating structures being particularly well preserved: a melting furnace more than 6 metres long, with a double hearth. These furnaces operated from the mid-seventeenth to the mid-eighteenth century. The site was formerly frequented by many different characters: Glass makers, jet miners, charcoal burners, wood cutters, shepherds, peasant farmers, peddlers, plus of course the salt smugglers and the tax officers of the Ferme Générale trying to catch them. You can reach the Domaine via various footpaths from the surrounding villages, set in beautiful scenery full of surprises...

Sentier L'Abbaye
Sainte Marie d’Orbieu

Sentier Sainte Marie d’ Orbieu Abbey - Lagrasse

Officially designated ‘One Of The Most Beautiful Villages In France’, Lagrasse nestles at the confluence of two valleys in the stunning Corbières wine region of the South of France. The village is linked to the 8th century Benedictine abbey to which it owed its original prosperity by two graceful bridges spanning the river. Located in the commune of Lagrasse, the Benedictine monastery of the eighth century visited the monastic life in 2004 when it was bought by the community of the Canons Regular of the Mother of God. The abbey is the subject of a classification as historical monuments since July 23, 1923...

de Peyrepertuse

Château de Peyrepertuse - Duilhac-sous-Peyrepertuse

Sandwiched between two walls of folded Cretaceous limestone in the Pyrenees, Corbieres and Capron, the land of mountains Duilhac only. As its inhabitants were given the nickname "Skip-rock" (rock-jumping). Clinging to the rocky heights of the High Corbières, at an altitude of 800 metres. Peyrepertuse emerges from the midst of the Mediterranean scrubland known as the "garrigue" and overlooks the small village of Duilhac-sous-Peyrepertuse. This huge fortress covers the same area as the citadel of Carcassonne. Each year the largest medieval festival in the South of France takes place here when many troupes perform in the castle and in a reconstructed medieval village...

Au Cœur
de Chêne Vert

Campsite Au Cœur de Chêne Vert - Le Bouich - Soulatge

We offer camping holidays surrounded by nature in the beautiful region of Languedoc-Roussillon in Southern France. Set up your tent from May to October on our small campsite in Soulatgé, or opt for holidays in the chalet in the midst of beautiful Mediterranean forests in the heart of the Corbières. You’ll have the opportunity to sample our delicious organic farm produce and discover the best strawberries in the region. Taste our fresh fruit and vegetables, and exquisite strawberry and raspberry sorbets, syrups, jams. The campsite, Au Cœur du Chêne Vert, is laid out with plenty of space for each tent and a selection of more secluded spots tucked away between the trees, giving you privacy and comfort while surrounded by the beautiful nature of the 'Hautes Corbières'. You can pitch your tent in this idyllic setting from April to October.

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