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Le Grand Passié

Le Grand Passié

Le Grand Passié - Massac

Le Grand Passié - Massac

Le Grand Passié - Massac

Le Grand Passié - Massac
Le Grand Passié - Massac

A good luxury villa, antistress, in the middle of a wild nature.

Do you have want to flee your occupations, a moment without all the others? But always with the contemporary luxury?

Come to Massac in High Corbières, the "Pays Cathares". With its lake, waterfalls, castles, small villages like before, its friendly people, its good wines, dry and sunny climate and obviously "Le Grand Passié".

In the valley of the old vineyards, at an altitude of 465 meters, in the middle of the scrubland of thym, of lavender, alpine roses and stoan oaks. Within two steps of the picturesque village of Massac, "Le Grand Passié"is: A new and modern house in an old landscape.

A guarantee for an excellent holyday... 
Le Grand Passion is located in the "Pays Cathar" the land of the Cathars. A beautiful historic setting. But not only the medieval antiquity is also abundant, including the prehistoric dolmens, Roman tile kiln, the old mills hidden in the immediate vicinity are an attraction. The walks from Le Grand Passion to do it, are more than worth...

This luxury holiday home or villa, with pool, located in the Corbieres, Aude, southern France, the real South of France: With its small villages, the scented garrigue, with lavender, thyme and rosemary. Lovely clear water for swimming, friendly people, fine wines up with the winemakers.

Small restaurants with more real French food, winding roads through hills and valleys, village festivals in squares under the plane trees. In short, for all francophiles who still want to enjoy the unspoilt traditional French life....


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Le Grand Passié - Massac

Le Grand Passié - Massac

Le Grand Passié - Massac
Chateau de Peyrepertuse is 20 minutes drive from Le Grand Passion. You can combine this trip with a swim in the Cascades Duilhac. Peyrepertuse is the largest castle of the Corbières. The fortress consists of two castles, which are surrounded by a common wall. The Château Bas, situated on a protruding portion of the rock, was the feudal Peyrepertuse from the 13th century. At the Roc Saint-Georges, 60 meters higher than the Chateau Bas, is the second castle San Jordi, or Saint-Georges. It was built in 1250 by King Louis IX and is accessible only by the Escalier Saint-Louis, a steep staircase carved into the rock. The view from the chapel of San Jordi on the old castle and its surroundings are impressive: Quéribus, the Corbières, the Fenouillèdes, Perpignan and the Mediterranean in the distance.

Accomodation Details:

The villa consists of a large house of 120 m2, with a "guest house" of 36 m2. The house is surrounded by a wooden terrace of 200 m2, with a lovely pool in the middle. There is a gasbarbeque, and garden furniture is plentiful. Actually these are two separate houses, with all the modern luxuries.
The main house has 3 bedrooms, 2 "ensuite" (suite). One of the bedrooms has access to an extra bedroom with bunk beds.
The guesthouse has one bedroom, a kitchen with oven, microwave and dishwasher, and a bathroom. Also here are three large glass doors to the wooden deck...

Equipment and Facilities:

The large comfortable lounge has comfortable sofas and armchairs to relax. A large flat screen TV with decoder for Dutch and French TV / radio reception is also available. A DVD-CD player is available. The large open kitchen, with doors opening onto the terrace, is equipped with all comforts. American refrigerator, large stove, microwave, dishwasher, etc. All for a lazy stay...

How to get there:

Travelling to Le Grand Passié is easy.
There are several airports within a convenient distance.

Airport: Perpignan: 30 km
Railway: Narbonne: 55 km
Ferry: Calais: 1115 km

Perpignan - Ryan Air
Carcassone - Ryan Air
Bezier - Ryan Air
Girona - Ryan Air Barcelona -
Various flight Companies Toulose - Star Alliance
Montpellier - Easy Jet
Girona - Ryan Air
Barcelona - Star Alliance, Norwegian, Easy Jet In

Booking conditions:

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Le Grand Passié...

Le Grand Passié - Massac

Le Grand Passié - Massac

Equipments and Services:
  * Kitchen
* Private Parking
* Television satellite
* Dvd player
* Radio, CD, DVD
* Microwave
* Coffee Machine
* Dish-washer
* Washing-machine
* Fridge
* Linen and towels provided
* Hair dryer
* Wifi Internet Access
* Garden furniture
* Freezer
* Terrace
* Telephone
* Electric kettle
* Swimminpool
  Rates and (availability calendar):

In the average season it is possible to rent the houses seperately
(1 for 2 A 4 people, 1 for 8 A 10 people).
In the low season you can rent the little gite(2 to 4 people)
and the possibility of renting a room.

Low season per week: 700.00 to 825.00 €
High season per week: 1350.00 € to 1750.00 €

La Région Languedoc-Roussillon - Sud de France

Activities Nearby:

- Château de Peyrepertuse
- Rennes le Château
- Château de Puilaurens
- Château de Puivert
- Château de Montségur
- Le Château d'Arques
- Château Villerouge-Termenès
- Saint Hilaire
- Forteresse de Salses
- Les Quatre Châteaux de Lastours
- Château Féodal de Fitou
- L'Abbaye de Villelongue (Abbaye Cistercienne)
- Abbaye de Fontfroide
- L'Abbaye de Saint-Papoul
- Abbaye de Saint-Polycarpe
- Carcassonne, 'La Cité'
- Château Chalabre
- Château d'Aguilar
- Château d'Usson
- Château de Quéribus
- Château de Termes
- Château et Remparts de la Cité de Carcassonne
- Carcassonne, Le Pont Vieux
- Lagrasse
- Carcassonne, la Bastide Saint-Louis
- Caunes-Minervois
- Grotte de Limousis
- Le Gouffre Géant de Cabrespine
- Gorges de Caune-Pont (Gorges de Coynepont)
- Gorges de Gouleyrous
- Gorges de Padern
- Gorges de Pierre Lys
- Gorges du Congoust
- Gorges du Termenet
- Gorges du Torgan
- Gorges du Verdouble et le Moulin de Ribaute
- Grotte de Fontrabiouse
- Grotte de l'Aguzou
- Grottes des Grandes Canalettes
- Les Gorges de Galamus - Saint-Paul-de-Fenouillet
- Pont de Ribaute
- Rivière de St Laurent de la Cabrerisse
- Bulles et Lumières - Maison Guinot - Limoux
- Cathédrale Saint-Just et Saint-Pasteur - Narbonne
- Corbières
- Pyreneeën
- Sidobre
- Terra Vinea - Portel-des-Corbières
- La Réserve Africaine de Sigean
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- Saissac
- Montagne Noire (Black Mountains)
- Ille-sur-Têt - Les Orgues
- La Curiosité de Lauriole
- Les 9 Écluses de Fonséranes - Béziers
- Eburomagus - la Maison de l'Archéologie - Bram
- Le Jardin Botanique de Foncaude - Feuilla
- Le Labyrinthe des Vignes - Arzens
- Le Petit Train de la Cité de Carcassonne
- Le Petit Train de Narbonne
- Le Sentier Sculpturel de Mayronnes
- Les Calèches de la Cité de Carcassonne
- Les Papillons d'Amarante - Lesparrou
- Moulin d'Omer - Les Maîtres de mon Moulin - Cucugnan
- Musée Archéologique de Peyriac-de-Mer
- Musée de l'Abbé Saunière - Rennes-le-Château
- Musée de l'Ecole - Carcassonne
- Musée de la Chapellerie, Espéraza
- Musée de Paléontologie de Villeneuve-Minervois
- Musée de Préhistoire de Tautavel
- Musée des Arts et Métiers du Livre - Montolieu
- Musée des Automates - Limoux
- Musée des Beaux-Arts - Carcassonne
- Musée des Corbières - Sigean
- Musée des Dinosaures d'Espéraza
- Musée des Potiers Gallo-Romains d'Amphoralis
- Musée du Catharisme - Maison des Mémoires de Mazamet
- Musée du Quercorb - Puivert
- Musée du Verre de Sorèze
- Musée du Vieux Sallèles - Sallèles d'Aude
- Musée Hurepel de Minerve
- Musée Lapidaire - Narbonne
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- Musée National 'Ensérune - Nissan-lez-Ensérune
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- Maison Déodat Roché - Arques
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- Maison Natale de Charles Trenet - Narbonne
- Maison des Mémoires - Maison Joë Bousquet - Varcassonne
- Moulin Bénazeth - Moulin à Vent - Villeneuve-Minervois
- Musée & Jardins du Canal du Midi - Revel
- Musée 1900 - Lagrasse
- Musée Archéologique de Narbonne
- Musée Archéologique du Lauragais - Castelnaudary
- Musée d'Art et d'Histoire - Narbonne
- Musée d'art moderne de Céret
- Musée d'Art Moderne Fonds Peské - Collioure


Cucugnan village, one of the most picturesque
villages in all of France..



Les Gorges du Verdouble - Duilhac-sous-Peyrepertuse

Les Gorges du Verdouble - Duilhac-sous-Peyrepertuse
de Dernacueillette
Domaine de Dernacueillette - Dernacueillette
A.O.P. CorbièresLocated at an altitude of more than 600 m at the foot of the Hautes Corbières, the plots of the Dernacueillette estate extend over the Terroir of Termenes. Guillaume Boussens lives there, in the middle of his vines, which he tends every day and benefits from the gifts of nature. It enriches the soil with natural organic material by reprocessing crushed shoots of vines and sheep manure into the soil. The estate consists mainly of old vines and produces very high quality grapes. These vines were grafted on site many years ago and are self-regulating. They produce small grapes with a fine skin and an exceptional taste. Guillaume thus works on the purity of the fruit to promote the production of characterful, frank and subtle wines. This vineyard is planted in a natural cauldron, around which the north winds swirl, creating a 95% continental microclimate and not a Mediterranean climate. The surrounding landscape is wild and protected from pollution. It is not rare to see a pair of eagles or black kites soaring above the crests in the morning. Each vintage thus presents an unprecedented alchemy combined with constant quality, the result of careful vinification carried out according to the rules of the art. All the more reason to discover it as soon as possible...

de Caune-Pont
(Gorges de Coynepont)

Gorges de Caune-Pont (Gorges de Coynepont) - Termes

The Château de Termes is a ruined castle near the village of Termes in the Aude département of the Languedoc. Built on a promontory it is defended on three sides by deep ravines. The ruins of the castle cover an area of 16.000m². Au bout de 30mn environ, au niveau d’un gué sur le Sou, franchir le ruisseau de Nougairole (signifie planté de noyers). La montée est raide, obliquer à gauche, passer sous le rocher de la Femna Prens. Vue dégagée sur les gorges de « Caune Pont » et la vallée du Sou. Passage délicat dans les rochers. Continuer de monter pour atteindre un éperon rocheux en promontoire : vue plongeante sur le défilé des gorges. Enjamber un passage vertigineux : le rocher de Caune Pont qui surplombe une grotte d’habitat néolithique...

   Le Grand Passié    

Anja de Greef


Le Grand Passié

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4 Route de Soulatge
11330 MASSAC

Phone1 +31 Dutch - Hollandais - Niederlandisch - Holandés - Olandese - Nederlands
GSM +31 Dutch - Hollandais - Niederlandisch - Holandés - Olandese - Nederlands

Email -

Website -

2 houses, 9 pièces, up to 12 people
Low season per week:
825.00 € €
High season per week:
1750.00 €


ParkingBike friendlyWifi Internet AccessTelephoneSwimmingpool



Mon Grain de Sel

Mon Grain de Sel - Soulatgé

Mon Grain de Sel is located in a small village, Soulatgé nearby Cucugnan, a few miles on the road of the Cathar castles. The boss that you receive is an excellent cook and also very warm. These dishes are only made with fresh products supplied by farmers in the area. Taste its delicious "beef cheek sauce medieval" and his lemon tart a real treat. 2 menus one at 16 € and 20 € and map. A welcoming restaurant where you eat simple food but very tasty. Luxury is not the decor but the plate! I liked: The quality of the dishes. The warm welcome and the simplicity...

du Termenet

Gorges du Termenet - Termes

Between the La Buade mill and Termes, the road, constructed in 1903, passes through two tunnels in the Gorges du Termenet cut by the Sou.
The steep walls of the Gorges consist of rocks of the middle and lower Devonian periods. In the centre a beautiful vein of red marble runs the height of the cliffs. The Gorges is in a protected area. South of Termes, upstream of the Saint Andrew chapel and still on the Sou, there is another protected natural site -the gorge of Coyne Pont. This also cuts through rock of the lower Devonian period. The middle section forms a bowl and in part of the river bed a jumble of travertine rocks indicates a collapsed natural bridge. (Coyne Pont means "the cave bridge" in Occitan)...

Château de Termes
3,2 km - Vignevieile
7,6 km - Félines-Termenès
6,3 km - Laroque-de-Fa
5,3 km - Saint-Martin-des-Puits

Le Moulin Neuf

Le Moulin Neuf - Lanet

Desire for eating healthy and local in Hautes Corbières? Appointment in Moulin Neuf where the chef Vincent Pujo, a person of a rich experience in various establishments, proposes to you a delicious à la carte of local products, on terrace or in the diningroom. Here, the à la carte menu is made up of fresh ingredients, the dishes change regularly, in respect for the ground and the climate, and all the suppliers are specified. As starter, to choose between the Saint-Honore with Foie Gras or the Cromesqui of Langoustine, which is already a torment, and for the dish: lamb leg, trout with almonds, or fillet with butter of hazelnut and chorizo? For the dessert, Dax-native the walnut-chocolate puts everyone of agreement, unless you crack for crunch-citrus fruits... In Moulin Neuf, it is also possible to set out again with quality fishes since the place is also a piscicultural farmhouse!...

Au Cœur
de Chêne Vert

Campsite Au Cœur de Chêne Vert - Le Bouich - Soulatge

We offer camping holidays surrounded by nature in the beautiful region of Languedoc-Roussillon in Southern France. Set up your tent from May to October on our small campsite in Soulatgé, or opt for holidays in the chalet in the midst of beautiful Mediterranean forests in the heart of the Corbières. You’ll have the opportunity to sample our delicious organic farm produce and discover the best strawberries in the region. Taste our fresh fruit and vegetables, and exquisite strawberry and raspberry sorbets, syrups, jams. The campsite, Au Cœur du Chêne Vert, is laid out with plenty of space for each tent and a selection of more secluded spots tucked away between the trees, giving you privacy and comfort while surrounded by the beautiful nature of the 'Hautes Corbières'. You can pitch your tent in this idyllic setting from April to October...

Gorges du Torgan

Gorges du Torgan - Montgaillard

Picturesque gorge at the foot of Mount Tauch... Apart an, the only other sizeable settlement in this terroir is Tuchan, on the slopes of Mont Tauch, 917m (2800 ft) high. The name comes from the Occitan word touch, meaning yew tree, popular here as elsewhere in pre-Christian times. Only a few of these trees now remain. On the slope of Mont Tauch is the chapel of Notre Dame de Faste. Its presence in this remote spot is explained by the spring that rises here. It was almost certainly a holy place before it was Christian place. It is approached by a track...

15 km - Mouthoumet
12 km - Laroque de Fa
17 km - Mouthoumet
16 km - Félines-Termenès

La Taverne

La Taverne - Villerouge Terménès

Labeled as restaurant Café de Pays with a breathtaking view of the medieval castle of Villerouge Terménès. Bichère Maryse welcome you and cook just around local products. For those addicted to tobacco that circulate in the Hautes Corbières, there should be fueling this bar / restaurant which also tobacco. Unless you enjoy your stay in the wilderness in the Aude to stop smoking, which would be a good idea...

Château Villerouge-Termenès

Château Villerouge-Termenès - Villerouge-Termenes

In the center of the village of Villerouge, in the Langedouc region of France, is the ancient castle of Termenes. The Villerouge-Termenes castle is known as the home of the last known Cathar Prefect Guilhem Belibasate, who was burned at the stake during the Catholic crusades of the 13th century. The Albigensian Crusades, as they are known, were ordered by Pope Innocent III. During those crusades, thousands of Cathars were burned at the stake. In the city of Beziers alone, thousands were killed. History records the infamous words of Arnaud Amaury, when asked whether to kill both Catholics and Cathars, responded: "Kill them all; God will recognize his own". He later reported to Pope Innocent III that "neither age, nor sex, nor status had been spared, and nearly twenty thousand people perished." This should be a lesson to everyone regarding the dangers of religious fanaticism...

La Rotisserie Médiévale

Restaurant La Rôtisserie - Villerouge-Termenès

The authentically restored décor, along with the fare from its kitchens, will carry you back in time to the 14th century. Everything here combines to make you feel a part of the Middle Age: The exceptional furniture , the apparel of the Château’s noblemen and their footservants , the utensils and the tableware, which includes not only dishes but decorative items too, have all been recreated on the basis of archeological evidence and documentary sources from the region . And when your trencher is put before you, it will reveal the surprising flavours and culinary refinements of a bygone era...

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