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La Chapelle Notre Dame des Oubiels - Portel-des-Corbières

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Sentier La Chapelle
Notre Dame des Oubiels

La Chapelle Notre Dame des Oubiels - Portel-des-Corbières

La Chapelle Notre Dame des Oubiels - Portel-des-Corbières

La Chapelle Notre Dame des Oubiels - Portel-des-Corbières

La Chapelle Notre Dame des Oubiels - Portel-des-Corbières
La Chapelle Notre Dame des Oubiels - Portel-des-Corbières

Notre Dame des Oubiels is first a majestic ruin, historical monument of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, situated between vineyards and olive trees. Het is bereikbaar door het dorp uit te wandelen, om er aangename momenten door te brengen temidden van kreupelhout met het uitzicht op Portel-des-Corbières.
Blason de Portel-des-Corbières
With fine weather, many Portel hikers arrives, walkers and tourists. Their first visit is the old ruined church, La Chapelle Notre Dame des Oubiels. And the questions are always the same: when was this church built? What is the origin of its name? Why they have built so far from the village? By whom has it been destroyed? We will try to respond succinctly. The ruins of this old church, Notre Dame des Oubiels (lambs), are located a kilometer west of the village, built near the défilé de la Reïnadouïre (la Reine des eaux), crossed by the river Berre.
  Notre Dame des Oubiels, historical monument classified site was formerly a Gallo-Roman lodge on the road to Spain. Later, the Arab invaders of the Iberian Peninsula masters, were stopped in 737, right here, by the troops of Charles Martel.

This battle of Berre, sounded the end of the Muslim expansion to our "Grande Terre", coveted by the Emir Okba. Fishermen in the pond and the coast, victims of the Moorish incursions, marked their devoted recognition in Portel, building this chapel Oubiels.

With more than 1,250 inhabitants, the town of Portel des Corbières is an active village. Located between the hills of Baden and Serre around the bed of Berre, origin of the name of Caves. At the gates of the Corbières is the main site of Rocbère cellars.

After a visit to our village, discover Terra Vinea which will allow you to travel 80 meters underground, the Chapel of the remains "Notre Dame des Oubiels" historical monument old lodge on the road to Spain, and not to mention 3 footpaths: true green unspoilt nature and authentic landscapes where vineyards are omnipresent.


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La Chapelle Notre Dame des Oubiels - Portel-des-Corbières

La Chapelle Notre Dame des Oubiels - Portel-des-Corbières

La Chapelle Notre Dame des Oubiels - Portel-des-Corbières

La Chapelle Notre Dame des Oubiels - Portel-des-Corbières
- Distance
- 13,7 km
- Mini Altitude
- 200 meter
- Departure
- Eglise,
- Type
- Loop
a - Max Altitude
- 280 meter
- Vertical drop
- 277 meter
- Duration
- 4 Hours
- Markup
- Yes
- IGN reference
- 2546OT
- Difficulty
- Easy
- Coordinates
- 43.06399,
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Opening La Chapelle Notre Dame des Oubiels - Portel-des-Corbières:

- 01 january to 31 december 
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Portel des Corbières

Portel des Corbières

Réserve africaine de Sigean

Réserve Africaine de Sigean, more than 3800 animaux,
share an area of almost 300 ha...

Terra Vinea

Terra Vinea

Château de Lastours
Château de Lastours - Portel des Corbières
A.O.P. CorbièresChâteau de Lastours is in the south of France, in the Corbières area, on an old Roman road known as the Via Domitia – which goes from Narbonne to Spain. A castrum was built on the route to accommodate travellers. The Castrum de Turribus later became Château de Lastours, in reference to the watchtowers that overlooked the Via Domitia at this particularly dangerous point. Château de Lastours has been the property of the Allard family since 2004. The family put all their energy and enthusiasm into making the most of their outstanding land. Their purpose is to grow great wines and attract tourists to this unrivalled location. The Château de Lastours estate spans 850 hectares of steep hillsides and deep canyons. The 100-hectare terraced vineyard is nestled in the middle. The estate has a Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry, sunny summers and precipitation spread evenly during the other three seasons. The northern tramontana wind keeps the temperatures from climbing too high...

de Mattes-Sabran
Château de Mattes-Sabran - Portel des Corbières
A.O.P. CorbièresA vineyard is made of parcels of vines in different types of soil in a particular geographic location in climate. These two factors define the soil that is part of a landscape and a region. Mattes is the place where the vines have been since 2000 years. In the Languedoc region of the Corbières near the Mediterranean sea where the domain extends over 615 ha seems to be the region of France where the mosaic of soils is the largest. More than 23 different soils were identified and they guarantee the diversity of our wines. Our 90 acres vineyard is composed of more or less 30 plots of 3 acres each distributed in two parts: The plain part called "en bas" near the Berre river with deep loamy soils is 27 acres wide. The AOP part is about 60 acres large and surrounds the house. It has two distinct areas: a very gritty alluvial terrace called " le plateau" that is very similar to Chateauneuf du Pape. The second one is more heterogeneous with limestone and marl soils . In this area , our plots are more scattered, to keep the best ones...

  Sentier La Chapelle
Notre Dame des Oubiels
Leisure - Sports - Mountain walks - Snow-shoe walks - Hiking - Walking
11490 Portel-des-Corbières

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la Bergerie

Restaurant La Bergerie - Portel des Corbières

Chef Jeremy Lefevre prepares his dishes with mainly local produce and seasonal ingredients. (Thézan Goat, Lamb Cathar, Honey Corbières, and of course the wine from Domaine de Château Lastours). Chef, Jeremy Lefevre, the restaurant "La Bergerie" has honed his culinary skills by working in various parts of France. From the North, he was both Artisan Confectioner and worked the fish to Paris at Mr Jacques LEDIVELLEC. At 36 years and over 16 years of experience in catering is the vineyards of Château de Lastours, Jeremy decided to settle in the Bergerie Restaurant. You will discover a varied and tasty food such as Canellonni Lamb or warm foie gras and cappucine of chestnut. It prepares his dishes with mainly local produce and seasonal ingredients...

Le Jardin des Oliviers

Le Jardin des Oliviers - Sigean

Discover our charming hotel and savor our catering in the Aude Welcome to our family hotel restaurant: Le Jardin des Oliviers in Sigean! We are located 30 minutes from Perpignan, 20 minutes from Narbonne and Leucate and 5 minutes from Port-la-Nouvelle. With 15 years of experience, we offer you a quality hosting service. We put at your disposal 6 furnished and well-equipped rooms for your comfort. Give yourself a moment of pleasure and tranquility surrounded by nature! In addition to hotel services, we invite you to discover our delicious dishes, and also our pizzas with unique flavors. Come and taste our traditional cuisine in our Grill-Pizzeria restaurant area. Discover our hotel a few kilometers from Leucate and spend an unforgettable stay in our region...

Les Terrasses
de la Berre

Les Terrasses de la Berre - Portel des Corbières

The owners of Les Terrasses de la Berre gives you a warm welcome. This charming restaurant is a small cosy place with a fireplace, badly needed, because it was lashing rain outside. They have a lovely menu. Salads for starters, a selection of lovely local cheeses and its majesty, the local specialty Cassoulet, what a culinary experience. Nice place, in a nice village, run by lovely people and fantastic food.... you happen to pass by, this is a must try place... The restaurant has multiple small terraces overlooking the Berre. Note that the unusable terraces are the days of high winds. Summer must be reserved for certain of being placed...

Le Potager
de Sigean

Le Potager de Sigean - Sigean

A few steps from the Mediterranean, the ancestral domain now holds in his heart a place apart where simple pleasures are cherished as well as elegance. Between auberge and bistrot, cuisine and wine, olive trees and basil, le Potager is a table to share, sincerely. So close to the sea, in the village of Sigean, this beautiful detour by itself, the Domain of the Macquart family for nearly 400 years covers now 40 hectares, including 10 of organic vineyards surrounded by scrubland and pine forests. In the old buildings of his traditional Languedoc farm, Dominique Macquart, winemaker and owner of the place, has created his place apart...

le Refuge

Restaurant le Refuge - Portel des Corbières

Welcome to the restaurant Le Refuge. We offer you authentic Italian dishes. Made with fresh products selected from small local producers. A true passionate of this Mediterranean cuisine, Mario will introduce you to his Italian specialties prepared at the last minute that guarantee freshness and flavors. Let yourself be seduced by fresh pasta, grilled fish, anchovy marinade and peppers and soon by the on-site pizzas to take away. But it would be a shame not to enjoy the small terrace! Do not hesitate to order a glass of wine, the selection is fine, it is always a pleasure to discover the local specialties on holiday here. Enjoy your meal!

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