Golf d'Albi Lasbordes

Golf d'Albi Lasbordes

Golf d'Albi Lasbordes - Albi

- 18 Holes

Golf d'Albi Lasbordes - Albi

Golf d'Albi Lasbordes - Albi

Golf d'Albi Lasbordes - Albi
Golf d'Albi Lasbordes - Albi

18 Holes, Par 72 - Slopes 135 - 6158 m/6734 yards. Created by John and Jeremy Pern Garaïalde in 1989.

The Pearl of Midi Pyrenees!
A range drive from Sainte Cécile Cathedral and bordered by the Tarn River caressing its fairways, discover or rediscover the Golf d'Albi Lasbordes, consistently ranked "best golf Midi Pyrenees" and one of the 20 best courses in France. Be seduced by the championship course at varied design, perfectly balanced and kept hotel...
Golf Club de Carcassonne
Then lunch in the shade of linden trees in the restaurant "O'Pastel" or redo your party with a drink at the Club House. Be transported by pleasure, the softness and feel of this club warm and genuine... Take time to appreciate, enjoy...

Come back soon ... memories, flavors and colors in his eyes... The Golf d'Albi... enjoyment of the game

In the mid 80s, English course architect Jeremy Pern established his own business in Toulouse then he and colleague Jean Garaïalde embarked on a quest to turn out as many top tracks as possible, resulting in the likes of Charmeil in Grenoble and La Wantzenau in Strasbourg.
Golf d'Albi Lasbordes was one of a dozen designs that Pern introduced to the French golfing public during a prolific nine-year period from 1986 to 1994 and the course has matured in the couple of decades since then into one of the very best in the country. The eighteen holes here are laid out in a pretty location beside the Tarn River – holes 7 and 13 run along its banks – though water only plays a part in proceedings beside small ponds on a quartet of holes; at 4 and 16 plus the opening and closing holes. Almost every one of the non par three holes are doglegged to a greater or lesser extent (hole 2 kinks left at almost right angles to the teebox) so an ability to shape shots – right to left on the front nine and left to right on the back nine...


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Golf d'Albi Lasbordes - Albi

Golf d'Albi Lasbordes - Albi

Golf d'Albi Lasbordes - Albi
  Opening Golf d'Albi Lasbordes - Albi:  

- Open all year
- Closed day(s): 25 december - 01 january
- Visitors are welcome every day.
- Advance booking is essential.
- A handicap certificate from player’s home club is required. 

Opening Restaurant "Ô Pastel":  Disabled reception

- All days From 11.30 to 15.00 and from 18.00 to 22.00 during Spring, Summer and Autumn
- All days From 09.00 to 18.30 during Winter

Fédération Française de Golf Académie Internationale des Métiers du Golf Sud France Golf Clubs de Golf Golfy Comité Départemental du Tourisme du Tarn

Equipments and Services:
  * Parking
* Golf clubs rental
* Buggy rental
* Golf lessons
* Restaurant
* Holes: 18
* Par: 72
* Type: Rural countryside
* Length: 6158 m/6734 Yards  
* Slope: 135
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Vin de Pays d’Oc,
Vin de Pays de l’Aude

Vin de Pays d’Oc, Vin de Pays de l’Aude

Vin de Pays means 'country wine' to the French, but to outsiders it can mean New World with a French accent. These are the wines which the French authorities unreservedly allow to be labelled with the grape variety from which they were made. It is difficult to over-estimate the importance of this large and growing category of wines for the future of the French wine trade. The French themselves may have tended to see any Vin de Pays as distinctly inferior to any appellation contrôlée wine, whereas many of their customers abroad see the better Vins de Pays as good-value, user-friendly, sometimes high-quality non-conformist emissaries from the world's most revered wine producer....

The Grapes

The Grapes

There are thousands of grape varieties contributing to a vast array of different wine styles with each variety having its own distinct flavours and characteristics. Varieties can be made uniquely to make a wine, in whch case the wine is known as a varietal, or collectively with other varities, when the wine is known as a blend. The soils and ‘terroirs’ in the Aude area are very varied, from Schist, Sandstone, Marl, Gravel, Pebbles, Limestone, to Granit and Alluvial soil; thus making many marvelous and different styles of wine. Also in this massive area are many different grape varieties, the reds include Carignon, Cinsault, Granache Noir, Syrah, Mourvèdre, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot. The whites, Chardonnay, Granache blanc, Picpoul, Marsanne, Roussanne, Vermantino, Mauzac, Chenin and Clairette...

Golf d'Albi Lasbordes
Leisure - Sports - Golf
Golf d'Albi
Chemin de Las Bordes
81000 ALBI
Phone +33
Fax +33

Email -

Website -

Rates, Methods of payment -
Green-fee all season
43.00 € to 65.00 €

Restaurant -
Restaurant "Ô Pastel" working with the freshest seasonal produce, you'll be able to eat in a brasserie-style clubhouse room, dinner in a restaurant or simply enjoy a soothing cool drink in the day on terrasse. Daily menu and 1/4 of wine:
15.00 € to 18.00 €
Phone: + 33 (0)5 63 43 18 26

ParkingBike friendlyRestaurantTerraceCafé, BarGolf courseWifi Internet Access

Le Lautrec

Restaurant Le Lautrec - Albi

Welcome to Restaurant Le Lautrec! Antoine and Sandrine Caramelli will be happy to cook up "a kitchen of yesterday to today's fashion" where-mix between southern and regional flavors. Our wish is to satisfy you, we are committed to ensuring a "quality artisanal gourmet" where "truth, pleasure, health field to fork" are the watchwords. All our dishes are prepared on site and the emphasis is on local produce. Thus, cattle and sheep of Ets Primaube The Bousquet and Ets Bovi Carmaux meat and lamb from Mr. Cabot of Assac; snails small gray-Perrier in Puycelci, Lacaune cheese, cheeses goat Andouque Mr. Etevenon, pink garlic from Lautrec M. Cluzel, saffron Tarn "beautiful Albigensian" and other suppliers that we "terrons" the name to keep secrets!...

Le Parvis

Restaurant Le Parvis - Albi

Welcome to Le Parvis Restaurant located in Place Sainte-Cecile near the Cathedral of Albi. This renowned restaurant is established in a house dating from the 30's, that feels just like home. The menu and the pay-per-meal list offer you a large choice of traditional specialties. If the weather permits, you will enjoy your meal on the terrace while the music plays. We look forward to greeting you soon. So please feel free to contact us with any question you may have....



Surrounded by sunflowers and poppies. The town of Revel, which is in the east of the Haute-Garonne department of south-west France, is a market town lying on a flat plain, resplendent in early summer with sunflowers and poppies. Corn and garlic are also grown here, agriculture being a dictator of the changing seasonal landscapes as always in rural France. A market town par excellence! Its Saturday extravaganza truly is a superb example of a French general market at its very best. Revel has a huge Saturday morning market which is attended by both locals and visitors, some of whom have travelled considerable distances to savour the atmosphere and the goods on offer here. The hub of the market, the food and fresh produce stalls, are situated in the central market square, which is a gorgeous covered arcade, typical in its bastide styling, yet more beautiful than most. The market spreads out around the town, but the heart is most definitely here in this very traditional square...

Hostellerie du Château
de la Pomarède

Hostellerie du Château de la Pomarède - Pomarède

Nathalie and Gérald Garcia invite you to their table in a superb 11th century Cathar castle and offer you a chance to taste their special dishes, compositions with heady flavours, subtly seasoned with spices and condiments, and using fresh, seasonal products from the region. You may also stay in one of the seven bedrooms in the hotel upstairs, reached along narrow corridors in which the subdued lighting is reminiscent of the magical atmosphere of medieval châteaux....

Grand Hôtel D'Orléans

Grand Hôtel D'Orléans - Albi

Ideally located close to the Episcopal City World Heritage Site of Humanity, the Grand Hotel d'Orleans welcomes you in an elegant and refined style. The human is the heart of our preoccupations, your well-being our center of interest. We put our expertise at your disposal to make your stay more enjoyable...


Sidobre - LE BEZ

North of the Montagne Noire, in the Tarn region, lies a mysterious area which is called the Sidobre. Here we find strange stone formations such as the so called trembling stones (Roches Tremblantes). The area is so old, that the first human being who set foot on this strange landscape, thought the place was sacred. Soon, the rocks were given names. Today it is a tourist attraction, complete with visitor center, walks and car roundtrips. The routes are clearly signposted.

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