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Domaine Sainte Marie des Crozes - Douzens

A.O.P. Corbières
Domaine Sainte Marie
des Crozes

Domaine Sainte Marie des Crozes - Douzens

Domaine Sainte Marie des Crozes - Douzens

Domaine Sainte Marie des Crozes - Douzens

Domaine Sainte Marie des Crozes - Douzens

Domaine Sainte Marie des Crozes - Douzens

Domaine Sainte Marie des Crozes - Douzens
Domaine Sainte Marie des Crozes - Douzens

Domaine Sainte Marie des Crozes in Douzens is located in the Alaric terroir, the most northern terroir of the Corbières. Alaric is a mountain that stretches between Carcassonne and Lézignan. It was Alaric II, king of the Visigoths who gave it its name. He is said to have buried his treasure there.

Its entire length stretches the landscape from limestone folds in a succession of rocky bands and stony terraces. At the crossroads of Mediterranean and oceanic influences, Alaric's terroir climate is sunny, dry and hot. Our vines are planted on the mountain slopes of clay and limestone, surrounded by undergrowth that gives our wines the scent of thyme and hawthorn.

In the Alias ​​family, winegrowing is passed on from generation to generation. In this way, Jean, Hector and Hervé, sons of the land, devoted themselves to the vineyard by habit and inheritance, as all Languedocians did, while living off a different activity. Bernard Alias, the current owner, inherited the property from Douzens in 1997. In an economic context of a wine crisis, the challenge he faced was for him the igniter of his determination to rise to the rank of the best of his appellation and to prove himself worthy of this land that he lived in the terroir of Alaric. had inherited. The road was difficult. He surrounded himself with a lot of advice before replanting and restructuring the vineyard. Many acres have been replanted and now offer a wide variety of grape varieties. In 2012, after a brief journey through the world of winemaking, their youngest daughter Christelle made a place for herself in this tribe of winegrowers and proudly claimed her place as the family's first female winegrower.
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  At Domaine Sainte Marie des Crozes, we believe in an energy that is deployed with respect for our land and our environment, through organic farming and the control of added products. We work with a creative spirit to innovate and always go further in research, conveying the love for the trade in an elegant and friendly inspired wine. At every stage we are guided by the pleasure of sharing our passion with generosity and simplicity.

At our domain, the choices are guided by a love for our region, which leads us to show our terroir. We cultivate our land with respect for the flora and fauna and this within the framework of the organic farming approach for which we have been certified since 2014, after 10 years of active in sustainable agriculture. Every year we also experiment with using essential oils from flowers to enhance our treatments and move towards a more biodynamic agriculture.
Domaine Sainte Marie des Crozes - Douzens
We welcome you all year round in our sales cellar, a building from 1900 with an old frame overlooking the Montagne Noire and the roofs of the village. On request we can accommodate groups of up to 100 people. The sales cellar is open all year round by appointment, during the week and at the weekend. We also organize: formulas with food and wine packages, guided tours of the estate and themed tastings.


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Domaine Sainte Marie des Crozes - Douzens

Domaine Sainte Marie des Crozes - Douzens

Domaine Sainte Marie des Crozes - Douzens

Domaine Sainte Marie des Crozes - Douzens

Domaine Sainte Marie des Crozes - Douzens
Opening Domaine Sainte Marie des Crozes - Douzens:

- 01 january to 31 december
- Open all year round by appointment, weekdays and weekends.
- Cellar is open Monday to Friday from 2 pm to 6 pm.
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* Shop 
* Individual guided tours
* Unguided individual visits
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* Product tasting
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Sentier de Randonnée sur les Crêtes de l'Alaric
Sentier de Randonnée Sur les Crêtes de l'Alaric - Comigne
Een wandeling van 13km, met 300m hoogteverschil, tijdsduur ca. 4 uur. Loop door de straten van het dorp richting het stadion, ten zuiden van het dorp. Klim door het kreupelhout naar de GR 36. Na het domein van "Bouscat", die u rechts laat liggen, neem de GR 36 naar links, in de richting van de markering 'Signal'. Na 2,5 km linksaf neem het pad door de dwerg eiken, dwerggroei als gevolg van blootstelling aan sterke wind. Volg het pad dat slingert door het dennenbos en de enorme aanwezigheid van een hulst, wat u zult verrassen met zijn grootte. Vervolgens neemt u het stenen muilezel spoor op het grondgebied van de Combe de Migère omringd door « aplombs » kalksteen. Keer terug naar het dorp. Een wandeling niet aan te raden op een hete dag...

Le Roc de Roland
Randonnée Le Roc de Roland - Moux
Een paar kilometer ten zuidwesten van Moux, ligt 'Le Roc Gris' een reeks van kalkstenen bergkammen op een hoogte van 418 meter. Deze rotspartij is tegenwoordig historisch erfgoed door de ruïnes en legenden. In feite is de andere naam voor 'Le Roc Gris' ook wel 'Le Roc de Roland'. De legende wil dat Roland deze rots gebruikte om aan zijn vijanden te ontsnappen, door er van door te gaan met zijn paard Alaric richting de Montagne Noir (aan de andere kant van de Aude-vallei). De dynamiek van het paard was zo krachtig dat een afdruk van zijn hoef is ingelegd in steen voor eeuwig. Moux en haar omgeving, met inbegrip van de nabijheid van La montagne d'Alaric, is rijk aan wandelgebied...


Alcohol Abuse is dangerous for your health.
Drink Moderately!
  Domaine Sainte Marie
des Crozes
Cellars and Domains
Domaine Sainte Marie des Crozes
50 Avenue des Corbières
11700 Douzens
Phone +33
Phone +33
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Rosé: 8.00 €
White Wine: 9.00 € to 14.00 €
Red Wine: 9.00 € to 25.00 €

Bike friendlyParkingPets allowedWine tasting

du Congoust

Gorges du Congoust - Montlaur

The meandering course of the stream of Mattes takes a spectacular parade of the mountains between Alaric and Hull: Gorges Congoust (named by the Romans co-angustum: constricted passage). The landscape is vegetation: very dry on the south side of Alaric, much of the wooded slope of the shell covered with thickets of evergreen oak. The course, framed by limestone cliffs and large boulders, is animated waterfalls and potholes, which punctuate and enliven the watercourse...

Le Top du Roulier

Le Top du Roulier - Capendu

The Hotel Restaurant is ideally located in Capendu, just 15 minutes from the city of Carcassonne and less than an hour from the Mediterranean coast. At the heart of the village, between Corbières and Minervois, the hotel is the starting point for many activities: walking or cycling along the Canal du Midi, through the vineyards or the fragrant garrigue of the mountain of Alaric. This privileged place opens up many possibilities for walks through vineyards and along the sides of the Canal du Midi or on marked trails of Alaric that may cause you, among other things, its botanical trail, the Miramont Castle or Benitiers. All the rooms have air conditioning, private shower and terrace, free Wi-Fi and Canal Satellite TV. The onsite restaurant offers a regional cooking with a wide selection of local wines, served in the restaurant or on a shady patio...

Les Vestiges de Miramont

Sentier Les Vestiges de Miramont - Barbaira

Château de Miramont is located on the slopes of the Montagne d'Alaric, a few kilometers from Carcassonne. It is reached by the tourist road between the villages of Monze and Barbaira. The castle dates from the eleventh to the thirteenth century. It is in ruins, but we still see its general organization: a central tower which remains a part of a vaulted room and an outdoor enclosure on which are backed various buildings. Château de Miramont is located in a very advantageous position overlooking the Aude valley. The remains of the Château de Miramont backing the northern flank of the mountain Alaric, 4 km southwest of the town of Barbaira. Standing on the isolated plateau, at over 300 meters above sea level, this site is a perimeter protégé...

Auberge Côté Jardin

Hôtel Restaurant Auberge Côté Jardin - Conilhac-Corbières

Midway between the Mediterranean and the Montagne Noir in the heart of the Corbières, a region of many treasures, nestles a building of hidden charm. Through the main entrance of the Auberge Côté Jardin you will find the terrace, a welcome haven of stone and greenery. This former Napoleonic staging post with heated swimming pool and private parking offers 12 rooms, each equipped to the highest standard with air conditioning, mini bar, TV and Internet acess. Your host, David Prevel, a young chef, unfurls all his talents to propose an imaginative subtle and gourmet cuisine which evolves witth seasons. Endlessly searching for the best produce of our region, David Prevel will give you a tour of the best specialities of the Languedoc. Sophie, his charming wife vigilantly takes charge of the inn' s cellar. Her "coups de Coeur" are revealed in her lively wine list which changes depending on her latest discoveries...

Château de Floure

Château de Floure - Floure

Our 4-star luxury hotel combines past and modernity with its beautiful character rooms, overlooking the French-style park. Enjoy the jacuzzi, the spa, the relaxation area, and the grill located near the heated swimming pool. The gourmet restaurant Le Poète Disparu, recognized in all the great culinary guides, welcomes you in a room decorated with 17th century statuettes for a fine regional tasting. We propose the rental of rooms for all your events (wedding, baptism, seminar, conference ...). Free private parking is provided at the Château De Floure, making it easy to explore the Languedoc-Roussillon region by car... The Château began as a Roman Villa on the Via Aquitania between Narbonnne and Toulouse. Enjoy a local cuisine at the restaurant “Le Poète Disparu”. If you like surprises, our Chef and his team will be glad to prepare for your table a 6-course tasting menu. Our Lounge bar, open from 8:00 to 23:30, is warm and cozy in the winter and opens up to a sunny patio for warmer days. The most beautiful SPA in the Carcassonne area. Enjoy the full spa with its hot tub, hammam, sauna and heated pool. A fitness area is also fully equipped...

Restaurant Bourdasso

Restaurant Bourdasso - Pradelles-en-Val

Up in the Corbières hills, which lead to the Pyrenees, the natural border between Spain and France, and no more than a 20-minute drive from the Cité of Carcassonne and equidistant between the villages of Montlaur and Monze and closest to the hamlet of Pradelles-en-Val, there is a most unexpected outpost of Italy. The farm, which is not that easy to see from the road, has long been called Bourdasso. The property it occupies is the former winemaking facilities and house of the previous owners but the Italian influence is now obvious. The men wear predominantly white with their shirts conspicuously outside their trousers; the main dining room is stylishly simple and clean; and most crucially, and unusually for this part of the world, there is not a mention of cassoulet or confit du canard on the menu. The wine list even carries 10 different Italian red wines...

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