Domaine de la Mijane - Villemoustaussou

A.O.P. Cabardès
Domaine de la Mijane

Domaine de la Mijane - Villemoustaussou

Domaine de la Mijane - Villemoustaussou

Domaine de la Mijane - Villemoustaussou

Domaine de la Mijane - Villemoustaussou

Domaine de la Mijane - Villemoustaussou
Domaine de la Mijane - Villemoustaussou
Château la Mijane is a wine estate situated in Languedoc-Roussillon. The château was built in the 18th century bordering the Canal du Midi in front of the famous Cité de Carcassonne.

The land of the Mijane estate extends over a hundred hectares. From Villemoustaussou to Villalier, the vines account for 45% of the exploited land. Our plots, ideally located between the Canal du Midi and the Aude, are nestled on the foothills of the Montagne Noire.
Domaine de la Mijane - Villemoustaussou
The terroir of Château la Mijane is spread over the municipalities of Villemoustaussou, Villedubert and Villalier. One third of the vines are cultivated in PDO Cabardès, in IGP Cité de Carcassonne and IGP Pays d’Oc. Cabardès is one of the smallest terroirs in Languedoc-Roussillon, situated between the Cité de Carcassonne and the Black mountain. The wines issued from this area are known to be elegant and complex thanks to the clay-limestone soil, the good water supply from the nearby six rivers and the Mediterreanean and Oceaning climate influences.
Domaine de la Mijane - Villemoustaussou
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  The château la Mijane is perfectly situated between the Black mountain and the Canal du Midi. The site was a strategic place during the Roman empire being situated on the Roman road: Via Aquitania .

During the XVII century, when the famous Canal du Midi was built, many salesmen settled around the Canal and started trading as the Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean sea were already linked by the channel. Monsieur Tapié, a wealthy producer of sheets, bought the current area of the Château and settled a soap factory as sheets trade was booming at that period. In addition to the factory, he also built the bridge La Mijeanne, which still crosses the Canal. During the XVIII century, the trade is booming within the estate. The Château is finished, a vegetable garden and a yard to rest are annexed to the estate, a laundry and buildings such as dormitory and stable were built as well in order to accommodate the workers.

After the Channel was finished, another activity started within the estate. Thanks to its strategic location between Toulouse and Sète, Monsieur La Coste, the owner of the estate in the XIX century decided to invest in vines and transformed the estate in of the most important wine producers in all the department for that time.

Near the famous Medieval “Cité de Carcassonne”, with the beautiful Canal du Midi running directly through it, la Mijane is a domaine shaped by history. Wine grower since the 18th century, la Mijane has stood the test of time in its majestic setting. The vineyard covers a hundred hectares including 30 hectares of vines. Oceanic and Mediterranean influences create a succession of freshness and sunshine giving a microclimate for developing complex, original and balanced wines.


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Domaine de la Mijane - Villemoustaussou

Domaine de la Mijane - Villemoustaussou

Domaine de la Mijane - Villemoustaussou

Domaine de la Mijane - Villemoustaussou

Domaine de la Mijane - Villemoustaussou
Opening Domaine de la Mijane - Villemoustaussou:

- 01 january to 31 december
- Monday to Friday - From 09:00 to 18:00
- Saturday - only by appointment
- Sunday - Closed
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 Carcassonne, 'La Cité'

The Medieval city of Carcassonne, 'La Cité'...

Canal du Midi

Canal du Midi

Eburomagus, la maison de l'archéologie

Eburomagus, la maison de l'archéologie - Bram


A.O.P. Cabardès

The Cabardès region is situated to the west of Languedoc and to the south of the central massif, a geologist's dream, balanced between east and west, the sun and the coolness, the heathland and the mountain. It is here that the winds cross. They bring the intense mediterranean heat necessary for southern "cépages" (grape types) such as syrah and grenache, and the cool atlantic humidity for the ocean "cépages": merlot, cabernet-sauvignon, cabernet-franc, cot and fer-servadou, to prosper. The vineyards and wines of Cabardès have been recognized as AOC since february 1999. The quality of the grapes, the wine-making, the blending of the "cépages" and the keeping of the wines has allowed us to obtain the best balance between fruit and structure, fullness and complexity, intensity and elegance. Cabardès assembles 30 châteaux and domaines over 500 productive hectares spread amongst 18 villages. 20000 hectolitres are produced each year,of which 60% are exported....

Vin de Pays d’Oc,
Vin de Pays de l’Aude

Vin de Pays d’Oc, Vin de Pays de l’Aude

Vin de Pays means 'country wine' to the French, but to outsiders it can mean New World with a French accent. These are the wines which the French authorities unreservedly allow to be labelled with the grape variety from which they were made. It is difficult to over-estimate the importance of this large and growing category of wines for the future of the French wine trade. The French themselves may have tended to see any Vin de Pays as distinctly inferior to any appellation contrôlée wine, whereas many of their customers abroad see the better Vins de Pays as good-value, user-friendly, sometimes high-quality non-conformist emissaries from the world's most revered wine producer....

Alcohol Abuse is dangerous for your health.
Drink Moderately!
  Domaine de la Mijane
Cellars and Domains
Domaine de la Mijane
Christian Gaffinel et Philippe de la Boisse
Carrefour de Bezons,
Route de Caunes
11620 Villemoustaussou
Mobile +33

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Rosé: 6.50 €
White Wine: 5.50 € to 9.00 € 
Red Wine: 5.50 € to 10.00 €

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Club de Carcassonne

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Family campsite, calm and shaded located at 5km from the medieval city of Carcassonne and 2km from Canal du Midi. This 2 hectare campsite has 72 spacious, shaded and clearly marked plots with high quality accommodation available for rent including caravans, mobile homes and Bengal-style tents. Mobile homes available between 2 April and 31 October. All the sites are separated by hurdles to protect vacationers' privacy...

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Having established in the area around the city and its trade, this camping has 70 very shady sites, displayed over one and a half hectare of parcel, watched at night. All the sites are separated by hurdles to protect vacationers' privacy. Geographically located well, he will allow you to make splendid ballades in this region loaded with history. It will be a place of vacation very nice: quiet, sports or cultural. Located 5 km from Carcassonne and its medieval city, Trèbes is a small town of 6500 inhabitants, close to the Minervois and Corbières, which has all facilities of a modern city....

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Set in the former sheep-fold of the château, boasting vast beams and lovely stone walls, the restaurant welcomes you all year round for meals or gourmet snacks. By the fireside in winter or on the terrace in summer, you can enjoy our simple yet delicious fare. The restaurant offers both regional specialities (delicatessen, cheeses, cassoulet, duck magret) and fresh, flavoursome Mediterranean cuisine....

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Hello Hello !! Choose your playground with EVADEO cycles: With or without electrical assistance we provide the equipment to escape in privileged conditions Contact us and let guide yourself so a stay or a tailor-made service. Evadeo Cycles offers rental of exceptions bikes, bike rental half day to several months, we adapt our offers to your needs. We support our rentals discovery tours and coaching to enable you to appreciate the extent of the wealth of our territories. Mountains, plains, coast … from Carcassonne, Evadeo Cycles invites you to choose the playing field. A share your bike rides with the Canal du Midi, the vineyards, abbeys, Castles and … many attractions and activities that make this our little France department. Individuals, couples, families, friends or groups, Evadeo Cycles assist you in developing your output or event...

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