Le Coumbo Falgouzo - La Tourette-Cabardès

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Le Coumbo Falgouzo

Le Coumbo Falgouzo - La Tourette-Cabardès

Le Coumbo Falgouzo - La Tourette-Cabardès

Le Coumbo Falgouzo - La Tourette-Cabardès

Le Coumbo Falgouzo - La Tourette-Cabardès

Le Coumbo Falgouzo - La Tourette-Cabardès
Le Coumbo Falgouzo - La Tourette-Cabardès

The Montagne Noire situated between sea and mountains, is a region full of character, where the Atlantic and Mediterranean influences meets each other.

Accessible from Carcassonne, take the D201 and from Conques sur Orbiel the D101 via Lastours. Continue through Mas-Cabardès to l'église de Saint-Pierre de Vals (Parking 2) or La Tourette-Cabardès (Parking 1 very limited) on the outskirts of the village on a corner near the laundry.

The best discoveries are those that are done on foot.... mule paths carved side valleys, crossing streams, crossing the moors of purple heather or simply treading the carpet sheets autumn in the forest châtaigniers.

Le path is the thread, the one who guides and reassures. It's along the way that we find traces of men and women who have to live this country: historical and religious ubiquitous, more intimate, the huts, bridges, cross and streams, sometimes enigmatic stones that dug wells...
  La Tourette-Cabardès is a small village in the Aude department at 444 meters above sea level, nestled on the side of a wooded hill above a deep and narrow valley in a pretty wild scene. Turetta successively named, The Toreta, Tourette La Tourette and finally La Tourette-Cabardès. The origin of its name could come from a small circular tower above the St. Anne's Church.

The village was deeply marked by the Cathars and has often served as a refuge for heretics. After the Treaty of Paris of 1229, it became in possession of the King of France. In 1402, the stronghold of the Toreta falls under the sway of the cathedral of Saint Nazaire in the city of Carcassonne.

Cozily nestled in the heart of the forest village of La Tourette seems withdrawn from the world. Wildlife is never far away, it is not uncommon during a walk to see deer, buzzard, squirrel ... Badger likes to leave its traces in front of his hole. The great horned owl and the owl waiting ... then begin their hooting rising from the bottom of the cooler valleys. The remains of a tower, adjoining below the church may have given its name to the locality.

The Middle Ages welcomes Latourette a Cathar community in which some village house used as a refuge. Latourette between Miraval and a connecting trail leads us in their footsteps. Troubadours or hunted they all walked these paths linking one valley to another.


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Le Coumbo Falgouzo - La Tourette-Cabardès

Le Coumbo Falgouzo - La Tourette-Cabardès

Le Coumbo Falgouzo - La Tourette-Cabardès

Le Coumbo Falgouzo - La Tourette-Cabardès

Le Coumbo Falgouzo - La Tourette-Cabardès
- Distance
- 8,8 km
- Mini Altitude
- 480 meter
- Departure
- D 9
  La Tourette-Cabardès
- Type
- Loop
a - Max Altitude
- 760 meter
- Vertical drop
- 336 meter
- Duration
- 3 Hours
- Markup
- Yes
- IGN reference
- 2345O
- Difficulty
- Easy
- Coordinates
- 43.38356,
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  Opening Le Coumbo Falgouzo - La Tourette-Cabardès:

- 01 january to 31 december
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Cascade de Cubserviès

Cascade de Cubserviès




A.O.C. Cabardès

The Cabardès region is situated to the west of Languedoc and to the south of the central massif, a geologist's dream, balanced between east and west, the sun and the coolness, the heathland and the mountain. It is here that the winds cross. They bring the intense mediterranean heat necessary for southern "cépages" (grape types) such as syrah and grenache, and the cool atlantic humidity for the ocean "cépages": merlot, cabernet-sauvignon, cabernet-franc, cot and fer-servadou, to prosper. The vineyards and wines of Cabardès have been recognized as AOC since february 1999. The quality of the grapes, the wine-making, the blending of the "cépages" and the keeping of the wines has allowed us to obtain the best balance between fruit and structure, fullness and complexity, intensity and elegance. Cabardès assembles 30 châteaux and domaines over 500 productive hectares spread amongst 18 villages. 20000 hectolitres are produced each year,of which 60% are exported....

Le Mont Sarrat
Randonnée Le Mont Sarrat - Pradelles-Cabardès
  This walk will introduce you to the Pas de Mont Sarrat where remarkable traces of cart wheels are printed in limestone. At the time this Roman road was used for routing Pradelles ice packs to the plain. At the Montagne Noire are many different walks, it is important to carry a compass, water, some food and tissues, and wear good walking shoes, a hat or cap and perhaps even carry a good walking stick. This is rough nature. There is no horeca, or toilets or even benches. These walks go over ancient paths, perhaps even millennia old, because also in prehistory, men travelled on these paths through the mountains. Apart from nature, also history is an important goal for many people's holiday. And apart from nature and history, the mountains also have several beautiful lakes offering refreshment on a hot day. One of these lakes is Lac Birotos in Pradelles-Cabardès, with a nice little beach and clear water...

  Le Coumbo Falgouzo
Leisure - Sports - Mountain walks - Snow-shoe walks - Hiking - Walking
Office du Tourisme des Ilhes-Cabardès
Route du Mas-Cabardès
11380 Ilhes-Cabardès

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Les Quatre Châteaux de Lastours

Les Quatre Châteaux de Lastours

Built on the top of bedrock at 300m above sea level, the four towers of the site of Lastours (Cabaret, Tour Régine, and Surdespine Quertinheux) proudly dominate the course of Orbiel (the river of olive trees) and the torrent Grésilhou in a wild landscape bristling with cypress. Lock Cabardès since the early Middle Ages, they controlled one of the main pathways in the Cabardès and the Black Mountain and took all their importance at the time of the crusade against the Albigensians. Archaeological excavations carried out since 1980 under the direction of Marie-Elise Gardel, have helped to uncover the medieval village of Cabaret, the Mecca of Catharism and the resistance against the Crusader armies. This ancient fortified settlement called " Castrum ", consisted of a hundred houses and many forges. These places were abandoned abruptly without the inhabitants were able to take any object...

Sire de Cabaret

Auberge Sire de Cabaret - Roquefère

Located in the Cabarde Region, on the lower slopes of the Montagne Noire, in an area steeped in the history of the Cathares, this restaurant features a wood-burning oven and massive amounts of well prepared food. The apertif tray, which may be ordered as the first course, has to be seen to be believed. Roquefère is one of the 100 most beautiful villages of France...

Grotte de Limousis

Grotte de Limousis - Limousis

The history of Grotte de Limousis goes back to the mists of time. It was a shelter under the rock used by both prehistoric men and Cave Bears. It has always been a refuge for men. Fancy a bit of freshness? We invite you to discover the cave Limousis, 20 kilometers northeast of Carcassonne and penetrate into the bowels of the earth. Discovered in 1811, the cave, carved by a river has been electrified and fitted in 1935. However, it was modernized in 1973 to its current appearance. The eighth and final room contains a unique mineral formation, a chandelier of aragonite to 4 meters high and 10 meters in circumference, a real treasure....

et Chapeau

Casquette et Chapeau - Montolieu

Casquette et Chapeau is a charming restaurant in the heart of Montolieu, le village du livre. It is typical of many such restaurants in villages across France, looking unremarkable and unexciting until you sample what it has to offer. Situated in a small square opposite the church, the best tables for lunch are outside under the shade of the plane trees, but the interior is also airy and welcoming. Service is as it should be, neither too fast nor too slow, and with just the right amount of attention. Remarkably, for France, customers without a reservation were welcomed at 2.00pm without fuss, which makes this restaurant even more exceptional than most...

Campsite Domaine Naturiste la Vitarelle

Campsite Domaine Naturiste la Vitarelle - Villaniere

Situated 25 km to the north of Carcassonne on the south facing slopes of the Montagne Noire, La Vitarelle is in the heart of Cathar country, close to the Haut-Languedoc. At 500 m above sea level, it enjoys both Mediterranean days and cool, pleasant nights. La Vitarelle offers naturist holidays as close to nature as possible. There are merely 25 pitches within its 13 hectares (30 acres), surrounded by vaste tracts of pine, chesnut and other woodlands....

La Table d'Orélise

La Table d'Orélise - Cuxac-Cabardès

Welcome to our modern, warm and family-run establishment, located in the heart of the Montagne Noire on the road to Mazamet. La Table d'Orélise is just 20 km from the city of Carcassonne and the Canal du Midi, and 15 km from the famous Les Quatre Châteaux de Lastours. Aurélien Jeanne, chef with 15 years of professional experience. Elise Jeanne, his wife, has also been cooking for 10 years. We acquired the Hotel Restaurant Cuxac-Cabardès in February 2017. After two months of renovation, we were able to open our doors in April 2017. Come and have a good time at La Table d'Orélise. Our high terrace overlooks the village and reveals a beautiful view of the river. Perfectly exposed to the sun but protected from the radiation by a pergola, discover this pleasant place in the Montagne Noire...

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