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Circuit des Zones Lagunaires - Fleury d'Aude

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Circuit des Zones

Circuit des Zones Lagunaires - Fleury d'Aude

Circuit des Zones Lagunaires - Fleury d'Aude

Circuit des Zones Lagunaires - Fleury d'Aude

Circuit des Zones Lagunaires - Fleury d'Aude

Circuit des Zones Lagunaires - Fleury d'Aude
Circuit des Zones Lagunaires - Fleury d'Aude

Explore the lagoon areas, Pissevaches, the anti-tanker channel, wooden houses, Hameau des Cabanes and its different types of fishing. Walk is not recommended for young children and fragile persons.
For your well being: Plan for sufficient water, a hat, sunglasses, sun cream, cream against insect bites.
For your pleasure: Remember to bring your camera and binoculars.
For your safety: A close walking shoes or sneakers required type (sandals, slippers, sandals forbidden)...

Parking at the port of Cabanes de Fleury. You can choose from three variants walk;
1) The walk of 5km is a circuit along the coast, a footpath leading to the anti-tanker barrier and La Grande Cosse. The return can be genoemen via the beach.
2) The 11.3 km walk you will do best in the morning and a ring road there and back which runs along the coast. It allows you the Etang de Pissevaches and St Pierre market to discover the chamber.
3) The hike of 18.5 Km forms a loop that you can best do in the morning, make yourself a little picnic, do some of the other hikes, with the same sights, you also want you Massif la Clape, the caves of Gouffre de l'Oeil Doux and discover the Domaine de l'Oustalet. Also a magnificent view to 360 degrees. Beautiful nature and wild that gives its charm. This walk is doable!
Once the summer arrives comes to tourism in full swing in Saint-Pierre-la-Mer, thanks to the beautiful beach and the many facilities offered to the passing visitors. Saint-Pierre-la-Mer Plage, more than 6.5 km of fine sand contains, is the main tourist attraction of the resort. Part of the beach is reserved for naturists. Bisected by the Roc de la Batterie, it extends to the port of Brossolette offers children's games, beach volleyball, beach soccer and beach rugby, and you can hire sunbeds. The heritage of Saint-Pierre-la-Mer is primarily nature.

Through long or simple walks, it is possible to discover the Gouffre de l'Oeil Doux, a large hole filled with fresh water in the middle of the garrigue, and the Etang de Pissevaches. The latter, a hundred meters from the sea, offers the possibility to practice sailing, kite surfing and other water sports. The Roc de la Batterie cuts Saint-Pierre-la-Mer in two, and is a very popular place for fishermen. At the end of the beach, lies the port of Brossolette which marks the border with Narbonne-Plage. Horse lovers will enjoy making trips by Domaine de l'Oustalet, where a riding school is housed having plotted several nature walks Saint-Pierre-la-Mer.


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Circuit des Zones Lagunaires - Fleury d'Aude

Circuit des Zones Lagunaires - Fleury d'Aude

Circuit des Zones Lagunaires - Fleury d'Aude

Circuit des Zones Lagunaires - Fleury d'Aude
- Distance
-      5 km
- 11,3 km
- 18,5 km
- Mini Altitude
- 0 meter
- Departure
- Port des Cabanes de Fleury - Embouchure de l'Aude
- Fleury d'Aude
- Type
- Loop
a - Max Altitude
- 0 meter
- Vertical drop
- 0 meter
- Duration
- 3 Hours
- Markup
- No
- IGN reference
- Difficulty
- Easy
- Coordinates
- 43.20200,
- Download GPS Track


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Opening Circuit des Zones Lagunaires - Fleury d'Aude:

- 01 january to 31 december    
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Le massif de la Clape

Le massif de la Clape

Fleury d'Aude - Les Cabanes de Fleury

Fleury d'Aude - Saint-Pierre la Mer - Les Cabanes de Fleury



Château la Négly
Château la Négly - Fleury d'Aude
A.O.P. La Clape “It’s in this magic place of La Clape between land and sea where the jewels of Languedoc are produced". A wine-growing domaine only merits the denomination of a Château if within the estate one of the buildings has been given such a distinction during its history. La Négly’s started in the 18th century when the Château displayed the name of Ancely. In 1781, the estate took the name of Nerly to finally be called LA NÉGLY in 1807. The Château de la Négly is located in Languedoc 20km from Narbonne in the heart of Le Clape massif, in the zone of the Appellation d’Origine Protégée. This massif listed as a world heritage site, meaning “pile of stones” in Occitan, was an Island in the Gallo-Roman era before the river Aude annexed it to the continent with its alluvial deposits. Its soil is composed of sandy silt, derived from very porous limestone rock slides, thus allowing the rainwater to establish a vital reserve for our vines. The proximity of the sea offers the vineyard a maritime influence which tempers the harsh climate due to the sun and the Tramontane, a powerful and dry wind from the North...

Château d'Anglès
Château d'Anglès - Saint-Pierre la Mer
A.O.P. La Clape Winemaking has continued here ever since, and Languedoc region became part of France under the reign of Louis VIII, with a large part of it under the management of Anglès bailiffs from 1226 until the French revolution. It was Barthélémy Etienne d'Anglès who took over the estate after the revolution when he was a local mayor in the late 1700's, with the vineyard then remaining in the Anglès family for over a hundred years. Developed from the Bourboulenc grape (also known as Malvoisie), the Château d'Anglès white wines have a pale yellow body with a highly elegant lemony and slightly flinty aroma. Smaller amounts of Marsanne, Roussanne and white Grenache add an extra floral and fruity complex. The red wines are made from Syrah for its blackcurrant flavours, Carignan for its personality, Mourvèdre giving them longevity and full bodied tannins and the Grenache Noir adding smoothness. The Château d'Anglès rosé is made of Mourvèdre, Syrah and Grenache and immediately conjures up hot summer days with cicadas chirping away in the background. It is supple and round with raspberry, peach and citrus aromas...

  Circuit des Zones Lagunaires
Leisure - Sports - Mountain walks - Hiking - Walking

Port des Cabanes de Fleury -  Embouchure de l'Aude
11560 Fleury d'Aude

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Grande Cosse

Campsite Grande Cosse - Fleury d'Aude

Campsite La Grande Cosse is located on a natural site, with the label Natura 2000, between Narbonne and Béziers. This European label classifies nature and marine areas with rare or vulnerable flora and fauna. The campsite offers rental of cottages, mobile homes as well as camping pitches. On the campsite you will find a beautiful pool area with 2 pools and a paddling pool. For the sports fans there is a tennis court and a gym. Children will enjoy themselves on the playground. The region lends itself perfectly to very many activities: if you consider a sportive, dynamic camping holiday, or a calm and relaxing vacation, you will find your happiness. Enjoy the little train from St. Pierre to admire the sea and its surroundings. The more energetic persons can rent mountain bikes and discover the region. Walk through the vineyards and lagoon areas. Come and try watersports such as water skiing, kite surfing, stand up paddle or kayaking. Finally, stroll through the typical Languedoc Roussillon markets such as the market of St. Pierre or the Halles "Lo Vilatge"...

de la Garrigue

Auberge de la Garrigue - Saint-Pierre la Mer

L' Auberge de la Garrigue it is located in one of the most beautiful provinces of the south of France near the city of Carcassonne. We have, for your greater comfort, ample halls,were the ambientación is well-taken care of , ideal place for meetings of friends and an equipped hall multiple uses for special events and familiar meetings, and the most warm attention to its service...

La Tulipe Noire

La Tulipe Noire - Fleury d'Aude

Jérôme loves the trade, after having worked in very nice restaurants, he settled with his wife in this small village near La Clape, between Béziers and Narbonne. His credo: treating his guests around a healthy and gourmet cuisine prepared with fresh products and offering dishes with unconcealed tastes and flavors. Rest assured, everything that comes out of his kitchen is beautiful and good. The address don't beat about the bush, it gets straight to the point: quality products, precise gestures, mastered cooking, juices perfectly made, subtly presented dishes and the young age of the chef to make you discover his cuisine halfway between terroir and modernity. At lunchtime, a formula is offered but you will fully become aware of Jérôme's talent on the menu. The dining room set in a redesigned former cellar where the old stones and the old tun that is used as wine cellar are still present. A very favorite address, a state of mind. A restaurant that keeps making people talk about it. New for 2020: the chef has his own vegetable garden!

Saint-Pierre-la-Mer Plage

Saint-Pierre-la-Mer Plage

St Pierre la Mer and St Pierre sur Mer are one in the same village, but like its double name it has a split personality to match. During the winter season, the town is closed up tight like the bivalves that it is famous for: oysters and mussels. We have 50O permanent residents that brave the cold sea winds in of December-- last year we even had snow! There is only one little casino outpost of a grocery store and half the time the shelves are bare since there is no demand. A vehicle is necessary since the bus system is not running and to get supplies you have to take one of the two roads out to get to either Narbonne in the south or Beziers in the North. As its name suggests it is on the Mediterranean sea with 8km of fine sandy beaches. Nestled in the La Clape region which is limestone cliffs and state protected garrigue lands interspersed with wineries. You have to drive 17 km through La Clape to get to St Pierre la Mer and its little neighbour Narbonne-Plage. In this drive you will see wilderness of wild thyme and rosemary, scrubland, olive trees and pines that are in their native habitat along the windy, twisty and quite dangerous roads. Along the way are many long stretches of grapes, soon to be Languedoc wines. The area is famous for its wine production and many vineyards offer wine tasting, and the opportunity to buy wine either en vrac (in your own container), by the bottle or the case...

Restaurant l'Espadon

Restaurant l'Espadon - Fleury les Cabanes

Welcome to our Restaurant l'Espadon in Fleury les Cabanes... In our little fisherman village of Cabanes les Fleury offers our restaurant L'Espadon a kitchen, resolutely turned towards the sea with eg Mariscana crustaceans, Pareillada grilled fish, live lobsters in the pool, lunchtime and evening every day. Fleury les Cabanes; Originally, this fishing village was made up of coarse reed huts. The hamlet developed early in the century to house the fishermen and agricultural workers. After the Second World War, the first tourists began to frequent the beach and the banks of the Aude. The tourist facilities in 1978 drove off. Today it is a small marina and fishing where fishing is still practiced in the original and ancient globe on the mouth of the Aude. It is also an ideal starting point for walks at sea and the practice of fishing...

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