Château Prat-Majou-Gay - Laure-Minervois

A.O.P. Minervois
Château Prat-Majou-Gay

Château Prat-Majou-Gay - Laure-Minervois

Château Prat-Majou-Gay - Laure-Minervois

Château Prat-Majou-Gay - Laure-Minervois

Château Prat-Majou-Gay - Laure-Minervois

Château Prat-Majou-Gay - Laure-Minervois
Château Prat-Majou-Gay - Laure-Minervois

Château Prat-Majou is situated near the village of Laure-Minervois. A thirty-minute ride from the City of Carcassonne, it is located on the Cathar Castles route, not far from the Limousis cave and from the Cabrespine chasm. A modestly-sized business, we want to be able to take care of our customers in a personalized way. We are proud of our company’s “family size”: it allows us to ensure the traceability of our products. We make our wine with love and care, from the vineyard to the bottle. Our work is done with respect for the land and the vineyard so we can offer products of great quality. That 's why we produce organic wine.
Château Prat-Majou-Gay - Laure-Minervois
Our love for vineyard and wine made us choose this occupation. It is more than work; it is a true calling, a passion that requires constant involvement. This is why we respect our terroir and the ancestral cultivating and wine-making practices that are linked to it, while developing its possibilities to a maximum with the use of modern technical approaches.
Red Wine = Red Wine White Wine = White Wine Rosé = Rosé Organic Wine = Organic Wine
We are proud of our company’s “family size”: it allows us to ensure the traceability of our products. We make our wine with love and care, from the vineyard to the bottle. Our work is done with respect for the land and the vineyard so we can offer products of great quality. That 's why we produce organic wine.
Château Prat-Majou-Gay - Laure-Minervois
In the 12th century, Laure Minervois belonged to the monastery of Caunes. Its importance comes from the richness of its vineyard, surrounded by fortifications. Former royal city with fortified entrances, its architectural heritage is dense: the Portail Neuf tower, ancient walls, a Roman mausoleum where a general was buried, the dolmen of Saint-Eugène (1800 BC), the Ravelin fountain, a medieval well restored in the 19th century, the Gothic church of Saint-Jean-Baptiste, the crucifix, a vault built under the ruins of a former chapel. In the scrubland, a "Sentier des capitelles" - small dry-stone buildings - has been laid out, allowing visitors to discover around thirty dry-stone shelters built in the plots of land resulting from the sale of the former communal areas to private individuals from 1813 onwards and cultivated with vines and cereals. Today, these huts can be found in the garrigue or under the pine, oak and cypress woods planted in the 19th and 20th centuries after the gradual abandonment of crops. The total number of capitelles is between 150 and 200. If you don't want to walk, please note that at the exit of the village towards Saint-Frichoux, at the Domaine Vignalet, Mr Labadie, winemaker, coachman and storyteller, proposes to show you the vineyard and the capitelles in a horse-drawn carriage.


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Château Prat-Majou-Gay - Laure-Minervois

Château Prat-Majou-Gay - Laure-Minervois

Château Prat-Majou-Gay - Laure-Minervois

Château Prat-Majou-Gay - Laure-Minervois

Château Prat-Majou-Gay - Laure-Minervois
Opening Château Prat-Majou-Gay - Laure-Minervois:

- Visit by appointment 7 days a week - free tasting
- Groups welcome
- Dinner tasting with food & wine pairing and introduction to tasting (20 € / pers.)
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 * Parking
* Free tasting
* Product tasting
* Groups welcome
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The harbour of Trèbes


L'abbaye de Caunes Minervois

Palet de Roland dolmen at Villeneuve Minervois

Palet de Roland dolmen at Villeneuve Minervois

Sentier Les Capitelles de Laure-Minervois
Sentier Les Capitelles de Laure-Minervois
  Capitelles simple dry stone shelters, are evidence of the history and work of the rural world. Laure-Minervois Fortified village, the village of Laure was surrounded by ramparts and a moat. Two towers attest to the ancient fortified wall (Tour Bousquet - nine Portal Tour). The Gothic Church of St. John the Baptist, was rebuilt several times. Some remains: the Church of Buadelle and Romanesque bell tower of Saint Jacques d'Albas. The Mézolieux round: this monument of Gallo-Roman origin is surrounded by vineyards on the old Roman road (Che-min Romieux). Grave of Saint Eugene: this dolmen located in the wood Russol is a vast burial ground dating from the mid Neolithic. The "Heritage Lauranais' association has created and maintains the trail randon- born" the Capitelles"...

Château de Bouilhonnac vers des Cabanes
dans les Bois
Château de Bouilhonnac vers des Cabanes dans les Bois
A walk or bike ride from Bouilhonnac to Trèbes along the Canal du Midi via Les Cabanes dans les Bois. In Bouilhonnac, visit the old village and its castle. The ruined castle was built at the end of the 15th century. The vaults of the chapel and the coat of arms that can be seen above a north-east-facing door bear witness to this date. This coat of arms is that of Pierre d'Abzac, Archbishop of Narbonne from 1494 to 1502. In Trèbes, without crossing the bridge, you can also continue to see the harbor and quench your thirst in one of the cafes at the harbor. Then go back to the bridge to continue the walk. (4) You can visit the harbor along the canal and go back. (1) In Bouilhonnac (D/A) take on your left Rue du Château d'Eau which will lead you to the Donjon and the ruins of the castle that dominates this amazing old village. Go around the Donjon and go down right at Rue du Donjon and left and then right again past the small church. Turn left into Rue du Parc. (2)Turn right on the signposted road "Chemin Notre-Dame-des-Champs" towards Villedubert. Continue straight until the D101 which you follow 50 meters on the right...


Alcohol Abuse is dangerous for your health.
Drink Moderately!
 Château Prat-Majou-Gay
Cellars and Domains
Château Prat-Majou-Gay
Guilhem Pédréno
11800 Laure-Minervois

Phone +33
Email -

Website -
Rosé: 6.50 € 
White Wine: 6.50 €
Red Wine: 6.50 € to 9.50 €

Bike friendlyParkingPets allowedWine tasting

Maison de la Truffe Villeneuve-Minervois

Maison de la Truffe - Villeneuve-Minervois

In Villeneuve Minervois is born the first and only fraternity Languedoc, dedicated to the truffle, the fungus also known by gourmets "Black Gold". Thus, the Maison de la Truffe was born in this village in the Minervois. Installed on 300 square meters, it has 4 themed rooms that lead the public to the discovery of the truffle.... The truffle markets of Villeneuve Minervois: In December, January and February as markets are held, full harvest period of the nose. It is then that its flavors are more intense and the most delicious truffles...

Le Comptoir

Le Comptoir - Villegly

Winemaker and restaurateur Julien welcomes you to his restaurant "le Comptoir". In a wine cellar atmosphere you will discover our à la carte dishes ranging and tapas, as well as a rich and varied wine list. The atmosphere is warm, aimed at customers looking for simplicity. All our dishes are "homemade". Your tasting will be enhanced with a choice of tapas, couteaux, cœurs de canard, planche de charcuterie ... As you walk up to the table, you will see the embers turn red for tasty and hearty grilled dishes, accompanied by homemade chips and green salad. Beef, duck, pork stew, there is something for everyone and cassoulet lovers will appreciate that on the house. It is impossible to hesitate in the choice of a wine as the master of the place will ensure that you are advised what will be best with your choices...

La Table d'Emilie

La Table d'Emilie - Caunes-Minervois

Located in the heart of the Minervois, about twenty minutes from the medieval city of Carcassonne, La table d´Emilie offers international cuisine, simple and sophisticated at the same time, which will delight the most demanding. The dishes are cooked with local and seasonal products. Linda Wearn, Emilie's chef, originally from the United Kingdom where she was trained, gained international experience, traveling and working in Europe and the United States, before coming to settle in the South of France. Resident in Caunes Minervois where she chose to open her restaurant, she transmits her passion for quality and her experience of international cuisine by creating unique menus for her restaurant, whose name derives from that of her daughter. Whether it's a romantic dinner for 2, a birthday party for 10 or a wedding anniversary for 100 guests, Linda will make sure everyone has a great time at the table!

Les Carrières et
le Marbre - Caunes-Minervois

Les Carrières et le Marbre - Caunes-Minervois

Caunes-Minervois is also the world capital of red marble: quarried since Roman times, this special marble has been used in the adornment of many very beautiful palaces and public buildings. The Carrière du Roy ("Les Carrières et le Marbre de Caunes Minervois"): Appreciated by the Romans (traces have been found in villas in the Minervois and in Spain and also in the Grand Mosque at Cardove) and deployed by medieval sculptors (pre-Romanesque capitals in the abbey and columns at Fontroide), the quarrying of red marble from Caunes was taken over by a sculptor from the Genoese Riviera around 1615.... Les Carrières et le Marbre - Caunes-Minervois With the development of trade between Carrara (with its white marble) and Caunes, lustrous marble became the material of choice for columns and altarpieces in religious buildings in the Midi. From 1666 marble companies were ordering red “incarnat” and blue “turquin” marble for sculptures at Versailles. The opening of the Canal du Midi in 1681 facilitated transport to the Garonne, thence by sea from Bordeaux to Le Havre and onwards up the Seine to Paris. A roadway was built by the États du Languedoc to access the port of Puichéric. A royal decree of 1770 granted monopoly of the marble to the monarch and Louis XIV claimed for himself the quarry of Malecasse (nowadays a protected site). Caunes marble features in the most remarkable royal and imperial monuments from Louis XIV to Napoleon III: Fontainebleau, Versailles, Marly, the Louvre, the Invalides, the Carrousel, the Opera...

La Demeure
du Pareur

La Demeure du Pareur - Villeneuve Minervois

Welcome to « la Demeure du Pareur », a substantial 18th century house which was completely renovated during 2008. Great care has been taken to preserve the original character of the house and we hope that our visitors will enjoy the calm and cool rooms with their classic décor... La Demeure du Pareur offers so much more than just overnight accommodation. Guests are welcome to explore the garden and solarium. The terrace is used for breakfast when appropriate and for quiet evenings there is a well stocked library and board games. In addition there is free WIFI and toys for the children... Villeneuve Minervois is in the heart of Languedoc with it’s long history and tradition of wine making. We hope that like us, you will be charmed by the area and return to it time and again...

Moulin Bénazeth - Moulin à Vent

Moulin Bénazeth - Moulin à Vent Aude - Villeneuve Minervois

Just 15 minutes from Carcassonne, in the midst of the Minervois vineyards, come and explore the Villeneuve windmill, the only working windmill in the Department. A guided tour will let you see the windmill at work. You will see this huge wooden structure shaking with the force of the wind and you can follow the processing of the wheat into flour, through all its stages until it is bagged. A 20-minute DVD presentation will tell you the story of how the mill was rebuilt...

Le Moulin
de Trèbes

Le Moulin de Trèbes - Trèbes

Just east of Carcassonne, is the lively village of Trebes, with shops, an art gallery that shows international artists, swimming pool, a bridge with a view of the river Aude, and last but definitely not least the Canal du Midi. Walk along the canal, and you will see a myriad of boats, moored or cruising along the canal. Directly on the Canal du Midi at the Trebes Lock, this very pleasant restaurant offers great food in a peaceful setting. Both indoor and outdoor seating are available. The chef does a wonderful job of using fresh, local ingredients to show off the cuisine of this area of France....

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