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Château de Bouilhonnac vers des Cabanes dans les Bois

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Château de Bouilhonnac
vers des
Cabanes dans les Bois

Château de Bouilhonnac vers des Cabanes dans les Bois

Château de Bouilhonnac vers des Cabanes dans les Bois

Château de Bouilhonnac vers des Cabanes dans les Bois

Château de Bouilhonnac vers des Cabanes dans les Bois

Château de Bouilhonnac vers des Cabanes dans les Bois

Château de Bouilhonnac vers des Cabanes dans les Bois
Château de Bouilhonnac vers des Cabanes dans les Bois

A walk or bike ride from Bouilhonnac to Trèbes along the Canal du Midi via Les Cabanes dans les Bois.

Visit the old village and its castle. The ruined castle was built at the end of the 15th century. The vaults of the chapel and the coat of arms that can be seen above a north-east-facing door bear witness to this date. This coat of arms is that of Pierre d'Abzac, Archbishop of Narbonne from 1494 to 1502.
Château de Bouilhonnac vers des Cabanes dans les Bois
Without crossing the bridge, you can also continue to see the harbor and quench your thirst in one of the cafes at the harbor. Then go back to the bridge to continue the walk. (4) You can visit the harbor along the canal and go back.

(1) In Bouilhonnac (D/A) take on your left Rue du Château d'Eau which will lead you to the Donjon and the ruins of the castle that dominates this amazing old village. Go around the Donjon and go down right at Rue du Donjon and left and then right again past the small church. Turn left into Rue du Parc.
(2)Turn right on the signposted road "Chemin Notre-Dame-des-Champs" towards Villedubert. Continue straight until the D101 which you follow 50 meters on the right.
  (3) Turn left on the path that passes the town of Horte de Marcaillou and then turn left again towards Villedubert via the Route d'Orbiel (D201). Arriving in the village, turn right at the D801 and walk past the town hall and the school.
(4) Turn right onto Chemin des Amandiers which will lead you to Route Dominiae and turn left.
(5) Follow the Dominiae route for about 300 meters to the left.
(5) - (6)
Turn right to go to the reception of the Cabanes dans les Bois, by the alley opposite the Château de Fourtou and admire the tree houses. << >>
By continuing the route, walk back about 200 meters and turn right at the T-junction and then left until the D201.
(7) Turn left on the road to Villudubert and follow it. Turn right to the bridge over the Canal du Midi. Cross the bridge at L'Évêque lock.
(8) Follow the canal to the left on the cycle path and arrive in Trebes via Écluse de Villedubert at Pont Rue Riquet. (From here you can discover the village of Trebes and/or eat a few things at the harbor).
(9) Cross the canal and turn left into Rue Pierre Loti (watch out for traffic on the D610). At the roundabout, turn left onto the D101.
(10) Continue on the D101 and turn right at Camp des las Poutencios, the path that goes up towards Bouilhonnac! Once there, follow Rue du Chateau and you will arrive at your starting place! (D/A)

Points de passage :

Bouilhonnac N 43.230762° / E 2.441449° - alt. 138m 
(2) Chemin Notre-Dame des Champs N 43.231445° / E 2.439418° - alt. 125m 
(3) Route de Villedubert N 43.231895° / E 2.433992° - alt. 95m 
(4) Chemin des Amandiers N 43.231731° / E 2.420935° - alt. 127m 
(5) Voie Dominiae N 43.240169° / E 2.42315° - alt. 125m
(6)  Les Cabanes dans les Bois® N 43.243236° / E 2.417073° - alt. 129m
(5) Voie Dominiae N 43.23986° / E 2.417674° - alt. 113m
(7) Junction D201, route de Villelubert N 43.238735° / E 2.412138° - alt. 106m
(8) Ecluse de Lévèque - Canal du Midi N 43.235233° / E 2.413168° - alt. 93m 
(9) Port fluvial de Trèbe N 43.210352° / E 2.443052° - alt. 93m 
(10) Chemin de Bouilhonnac N 43.217847° / E 2.439088° - alt. 90m
(D/A) Bouilhonnac N 43.230762° / E 2.441449° - alt. 138m

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Château de Bouilhonnac vers des Cabanes dans les Bois

Château de Bouilhonnac vers des Cabanes dans les Bois

Château de Bouilhonnac vers des Cabanes dans les Bois

Château de Bouilhonnac vers des Cabanes dans les Bois

Château de Bouilhonnac vers des Cabanes dans les Bois

Château de Bouilhonnac vers des Cabanes dans les Bois

Château de Bouilhonnac vers des Cabanes dans les Bois

Château de Bouilhonnac vers des Cabanes dans les Bois
- Distance
- 12,9 km
- Mini Altitude
- 86 meter
- Departure
- Chateau de Bouilhonnac
- 11800 Bouilhonnac
- Type
- Loop
a - Max Altitude
- 140 meter
- Vertical drop
- 95 meter
- Duration
- 3,55 Hours
- Markup
- Yes
- IGN reference
- 2345E
- Difficulty
- Average
- Coordinates
- N 43.243236° / E 2.41703°
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Opening Château de Bouilhonnac vers des Cabanes dans les Bois - Bouilhonnac:

- 01 January to 31 December 
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  Château de Bouilhonnac
vers des
Cabanes dans les Bois
Leisure - Sports - Mountain walks - Snow-shoe walks - Hiking - Walking


Rue du Château
11800 Bouilhonnac

Phone +33
Email -

Website -

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