Randonnée L'Abbatiale de Saint-Polycarpe

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L'Abbatiale de

Randonnée L'Abbatiale de Saint-Polycarpe

Randonnée L'Abbatiale de Saint-Polycarpe

Randonnée L'Abbatiale de Saint-Polycarpe

Randonnée L'Abbatiale de Saint-Polycarpe

Randonnée L'Abbatiale de Saint-Polycarpe
Randonnée L'Abbatiale de Saint-Polycarpe

Saint Polycarpe is situated near the town of Limoux on a stream which is a tributary of the Aude. The town is 7 km from Limoux, 8 km from Saint-Hilaire, 24 km from Carcassonne, 31 km from Mouthoumet and 42 km from Lagrasse. Saint-Polycarpe is located on the Green Meridian, the Paris Meridian. Founded in 783 by Athala, a Spanish nobleman who fled his own country when it was invaded by Muslims, St. Polycarp was in its beginnings, a Benedictine monastery with a few houses attached to it and surrounded by vineyards. Polycarp was a Bishop of Izmir in Turkey and a very important Saint in early church history. The church of Polycarpe in the Aude is named in honour of this Saint.

Exit Saint-Polycarpe towards Buc. Take a left path up towards the villas. Ledge to climb right on the crest of a trail. Follow the ridge line. Take the left path and after a vine go to Villar-Saint-Anselme. Cross the village to join the D51. Go in front. At the fork, go up to the left. At the pylon, take the left path and a vine on the right trail. Entering the woods. Follow the ridge to the left and turn left onto a path that goes down. Pass under the high voltage line to get on the road before the field Gibert. Follow it to the left until a pylon before the D51. Take along the vine and find a path to the Arboretum Yves Duteil. Then back down to Saint-Polycarpe via a path left...
  The Abbey of Saint-Polycarpe is one of the oldest monastery's in the country and region of Rhedez. Its creation is nevertheless after that of the the founding of the famous Abbey of Alet, which is nearby. A Spanish nobleman named Attala left his homeland - which had been invaded by the Saracens (*), and then settled in the region called Rhedesium and retired to a small monastery, almost a simple hermitage, situated on the banks of the stream called Rieugrand and which bore the name of the monastery of St. Polycarp. Attala became prior of the convent and the place, and thanks to its wealth, became largely endowed. Charlemagne granted the abbot Attala certain privileges which were confirmed and expanded by his successors, Charles the Bald and Louis the Debonair. Nevertheless it is, if we can say so, a courtesy we give the convent of Saint-Polycarpe the name of an abbey. It was originally a simple priory and despite repeated competitions from the abbots of Lagrasse, St Polycarpe always remained under the control of the Abbey of Alet. Indeed, in a council held at Toulouse, in 1119, under the presidency of Pope Calixtus II, the only priests who had the right to attend the meeting, in conjunction with the bishops of the region, were those of Lagrasse, Aniane and Alet. Therefore, the Sueperiors of the other monasteries of the region were merely only trustees or priors. It was precisely during this council that it was confirmed in favour of the Abbey of Alet, possession of the monasteries of St. Polycarp and Saint-Paul-de-Fenouillet.


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Randonnée L'Abbatiale de Saint-Polycarpe

Randonnée L'Abbatiale de Saint-Polycarpe

Randonnée L'Abbatiale de Saint-PolycarpeRandonnée L'Abbatiale de Saint-Polycarpe

Randonnée L'Abbatiale de Saint-Polycarpe
- Distance
- 8,4 km
- Mini Altitude
- 230 meter
- Departure
- Avenue de Mauzac,
- Type
- Loop
a - Max Altitude
- 380 meter
- Vertical drop
- 375 meter
- Duration
- 4 Hours
- Markup
- Yes
- IGN reference
- 2346O
- Difficulty
- Easy
- Coordinates
- 4.05219,
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Opening Randonnée L'Abbatiale de Saint-Polycarpe:

- 01 january to 31 december    
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Abbaye de Saint Hilaire

Abbaye de Saint Hilaire

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Alet Les Bains


A.O.P. Limoux

Limoux is best known for its sparkling wine, Blanquette de Limoux. This is reputed to be the oldest sparkling wine in France and dates back to 1531 when Benedictine monks from Saint Hilaire Abbey discovered that the wine they had laid down had fermented and formed bubbles. This was the beginning of Limoux’s bubbly - the Blanquette de Limoux which was the first AOC to be created in the Languedoc area. The process (the locals say) was stolen by Dom Perignon who went on to create ‘champagne‘. however the Limoux sparkling wine is a very high quality champagne substitute and Crémant, which was developed in 1990, has a top class reputation. Now a prestigious event attracting buyers from all over the world, “Toques & Clochers” puts up for auction the most promising barrels of AOC Limoux. A share of the proceeds are then used to finance the renovation of bell towers in surrounding villages. Every year the auction is hosted by one of France’s great chefs popularly referred to as a “Toques”, the traditional white chef’s hat....

Blanquette de Limoux

Blanquette de Limoux,  Crémant de Limoux, Blanquette Méthode Ancestrale

History tells us that Blanquette de Limoux, the world's first sparkling wine, dates as far back as 1531. At the time, the monks of the Benedictine abbey of Saint-Hilaire, near Limoux, were producing a somewhat unusual white wine in their cellars. Inside its glass flask, with a cork top - very rare for wines at this time - it acquired a natural sparkle. This was the forefather of the brut which is tasted today at the world's most prestigious tables. Since they first started cultivating vines, the growers of Limoux have aimed at maintaining the originality of the Blanquette de Limoux growth and developing its quality. The region's surrounding hills protect it from the extremes of the Mediterranean and Atlantic climates, with the area enjoying a microclimate particularly suitable for making quality white wine. The vines classified in the appellation are always planted at the top of southern-facing slopes, giving the best exposure. The soil here is shallow and sparse, full of chalk and stone....

  Randonnée L'Abbatiale de Saint-Polycarpe
Leisure - Sports - Mountain walks - Snow-shoe walks - Hiking - Walking
Avenue de Mauzac 

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de Cavanac

Château de Cavanac - Cavanac

At the foot of the Corbieres wine region, 5 kilometers from the Cité de Carcassonne along the route of Cathar Castles, you can find the Château de Cavanac. The original château, built in the XVII century, is situated on a wine estate, established for several generations. It has been transformed into a 3 star hotel, where you will be welcomed into a calm romantic atmosphere. Some are available with four poster beds or dramatic canopies, and all have satellite television, air conditioning and en suite bathrooms. Open the doors of the ancient stable and discover the restaurant with walls decorated with remnants of its past life, including the names and regalia of its old resident. In this warm atmosphere you can enjoy local cuisine, created by Louis Gobin, that includes, amongst many other dishes, pan fried foie gras with figs, cassoulet, suckling pig, confit of duck and snails à la carcassonnaise, all accompanied by wines produced on the Cavanac estate....

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Hostellerie de l’Evêché - Alet-les-Bains

30 km away from Carcassonne, the world’s most beautiful medieval city, nestled in the heart of the Cathars country with its castles, you will be greeted at a charming hotel, once the site of an ancient bishop’s palace.The Hostellerie de l’Eveche, with its 30 comfortable rooms, sits on a park of three hectares. Neighboring our rooms, you will enjoy the ruins of the roman abbey, with the Aude River running alongside. L’Hostellerie de l’Eveche will also provide you with a large variety of "rural" gourmet products ("produits du terroir"), mostly homemade on our family estate. You will have the opportunity to savour those products from our range of standard to gourmet’s menus...

Jardin aux Plantes parfumées la Bouichère

Jardin aux Plantes parfumées la Bouichère - Limoux

In Limoux, in the High Valley of Aude, is hidden a garden of thousand and one scentences.. Perfumed Rose garden, dry Garden, medieval garden with plants from the Cathar century. An enchanting place at 15 minutes from the city of Carcassonne. 2 hectares, 2500 items of plants, waterpond, donkeys... rare cecreams with fruits of the garden... A nice collection of scented Pelargoniums, spices, scented trees… Come and say hello to our exotic birds...

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Hôtel Restaurant l'Auberge de la Corneilla Limoux - Cournanel (Limoux)

Hotel - Restaurant Auberge de la Corneilla located in Cournanel (Aude) near Limoux, and twenty five kilometers from the city of Carcassonne welcomes you in the Cathar country in a warm and friendly atmosphere with two large rooms and a shaded terrace at the edge of the river. Very nice in the summer for its rural setting... During holidays we offer special menus (christmas, valentine easter, mother's day, etc ...) two to three times per year at the change of season we change the map and menu with seasonal ingredients. In the weekend we offer in addition to the normal map a menu at 26 € with drinks (wine and coffee) included...

Grand Hôtel
Moderne et Pigeon

Grand Hôtel Moderne et Pigeon - Limoux

Located in Limoux, the Hotel & Restaurant Moderne et Pigeon greets you at the heart of the Cathares castles. 11 guest rooms with all mod cons, a traditional restaurant for the whole family where adults and children can both enjoy. A variety of sets menus are available for you to choose from: tasting menu; gourmet menu or sweet-tooth menu. The Hotel Moderne et Pigeon is a former covent dating from 1501. First it was a covent, then it became a boutique hotel and a bank at the beginning of the 20th century. The hotel is decorated with centuries old stained glasses and frescoes. You will enjoy the charm of a fine dining restaurant and a luxury hotel. We look forward to greeting you soon...

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Maison L'Orchidée - Saint-Hilaire

Maison L'Orchidee is a bed and breakfast or b&b. Chambres d'hotes and we are in the village of Saint Hilaire, near to Carcassonne, offering accommodation for holidays in the south france. We have a variety of comfortable and versatile holiday accommodations. We are Beneath the Abbaye de Saint Hilaire, the ancient home of the Blanquette sparkling wine. The Aude, Languedoc offers South of France climate. Mediaeval Cathar Castles. Superb ever changing countryside, undulating vineyards, stretching up towards the mountains of the Pyrenees in the distance. Hidden villages and river gorges. Enjoy cycling holidays along the Canal du Midi bank in Romantic Languedoc France one of the best places to stay...

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